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    I love debate so MUCH. Watch out for Porno DP this year.
  1. Harriberri

    NDT Finals

    I agree with alot of this, i think ezra should have been given some leeway in the 2ac because the 1nc was 1 minute of real arguments and it was sort of confusing what was coming in the block.
  2. Harriberri

    NDT Finals

    Thoughts on the finals round?
  3. If you give a little more explanation it might be able to help. If it is a qpq i think the best argument is that China would have to say yes. It isn't the US imposing it's will on other countries, rather cooperation on issues of mutual concern. So actually the best arg should be no link and perm.
  4. I don't think the link and the alt match up. Fugitivity is running away from the law, and your argument (I'm assuming) is about deconstructing our engagement with china. Also the first card in your aff, the 2ac should start with "thanks for reading offense for us". Also get cards that say your heuristic is good, and that the knowledge that the aff produces creates meaningful change.The strat should be permutation do both with the knowledge gained from the 1ac as a net benefit to the perm. Also the second card is two lines, you should be able to beat that becuase it doesn't make an argument as of the 1nc. Hope this helped.
  5. answering FW depends on your aff. there are some general things that teams say but its better if its specific to your aff.
  6. Roland, you know the India Disad is bad. Don't lie to people on cross-x. Honestly run wilderson links as disads, that always works best.
  7. Pls, don't assume our gender, your use of the phrase "you guys" causes violence. But to answer your question try putting a large object like an eggplant in your mouth as you spread.
  8. "Throw that aff in a circle"
  9. Its allowed, but it just means they are dicks and probably bad. You should refuse to flash or even better format the doc in a strange way that makes it impossible to read. Like change the text to wingdinks and then set it to read only. So you are technically flashing, but its not useful. Hope this helped.
  10. Affect is the emotions one gets from a certain action. An alt can usually create affect in a K debate. Hope this helped.
  11. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.
  12. Harriberri


    Hope this helped.
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