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  1. Don't kritiks perf con with counterplans? And why run DA's if the k has impact framing? I mean if we run cap saying structural violence outweighs how do we run the DA's impacts? If we run cap saying the state is fundamentally neoliberal and their use of it bad, how do we run cp's saying we should use the state?
  2. Can you elaborate on the role of the ballot? How would we say in round solvency without literally saying vote for the team with the most inround solvency? And thanks for everything else, it really helped me
  3. I have a number of questions that I've been trying to find out. 1) what is dispositionality and unconditionality? Why would anyone choose to be dispositional? Why be unconditional? isn't it just easier to be conditional and drop whatever you are losing? 2) what is the death drive? (psychoanalysis) How do we impact calc that in comparison to extinction or great power war? 3) what is burning down the state? (antiblackness) is it literal or figurative and how does it solve? 4) How would i write a role of the ballot saying the team with the most in round solvency should win? 5) what exactly am I supposed to flow and answer to? do i flow the link/impact/alt or do i flow every piece of evidence with a source? 6) How do I do line-by-line? Do i just read off of the flow (they said this but we say that)? 7) What is, and how exactly do i make a pre-written overview? Do i just briefly skim over the links, impacts, etc. or is it more comparative analysis? 8) How exactly do we extend an argument without a card? I usually read the tag then re-explain with comparative analysis it but it seems to me extensions add more the the argument itself. 9) What are shadow extensions? Are they legitimate in debate? 10) What do we do if the negative is running an unfamiliar kritik that you have no evidence against? We hit a confucianism K and lost because we didn't have evidence. 11) And finally, How to run a 1 off kritik? Is that more effective or is multiple off better?
  4. When I am debating something that is thought to be pretty far off from now e.g. Asteroid leads to extinction or Diseases causing extinction, how should I answer their timeframe arguments? How do we answer when a Russia DA where Russia starts a nuclear war and causes extinction is imminent? I tried running probability, but the RFD always says that they win on Timeframe b/c it outweighs.
  5. so basically, my partner says that the 2NR (which he is) only allows for a single argument. He says that you have to drop everything but one exact argument. I say that it is best to focus on the arguments we are winning e.g. we're winning on two disads overwhelmingly. he focused on one disad only, while i said focus on both. my partner ignored me and decided to focus only on one disad. he spoke for about 1 minute on the disad, then filibusterd the next 4 minutes. (we lost) really, my question is this, can the 2NR do more than one argument if the negative is winning on two or more? Or should we always focus on one argument dropping everything else.
  6. Hey man seriously, I am so thankful for your answers. Huge help and you answered my questions pretty concisely. I'll see you at UT soon then!
  7. As a novice policy debater (focused on PF for a majority of the year) I am a bit confused by the far more extensive debate jargon that many varsity policy debaters use. And as I am going to UTNIF I just wanted to know what kind of questions they ask for the different labs. 1. Do they ask simple questions similar to ;What are the parts of a disad?Counterplan? etc. or do they ask more detailed questions. What would these detailed questions entail? 2. What is the major difference between labs? Do debaters learn different things or are the concepts different? I would rather learn advanced concepts than learn simple stuff any decent policy debater could explain. 3. Is there a way to get into higher labs for any purported advanced concepts? 4.Do the camp directors place you into labs based on diagnostic debate performance or on diagnostic test 5. What exactly is conditionality? 6. Retro theory e.g. counterwarrants, no neg fiat, justification, fiat bad, and multiple cp's 7. Are multiple cp's acceptable in debate? 8. Some general advice for novice policy debaters (e.g. what you wish you had known before you got into policy debate.) This is the basics of my confusion as of now, I probably have other questions later on, so thanks in advance.
  8. they are about decolonization and political/social perspective on it. Get good links and alt's to win.
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