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  1. His partner, DKP, is a fifth year senior. UMKC.
  2. Come debate for UT, mason marriot-voss will need a 2N that likes policy next year.
  3. You were behind on the permutation friend. The Lewis aff wouldn't have lost to a historical materialism critique. Framework was definitely the correct choice, but the execution was insufficient. I thought I covered that well in my RFD, but I guess not. The thing was, you cannot expect to win FW if you concede that you cannot enforce your model of debate. Don't put this on your partner. You both did well, but strategic mishaps happen.
  4. This card would have been hilarious yesterday
  5. you have a fundamental misunderstanding of K affs then. Very few resolutions specify a mechanism meaning you don't actually need to defend policy implementation to be topical. There's a distinction between an aff with no plan, an aff with critical advantages, and antitopical affs. This doesn't even include all potential types of Kritiks or performances the affirmative can employ. K affs don't make the topic unlimited, and the idea that FIAT is necessary to be topical is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Edit: not trying to be a dick, but you should look at it from a different perspective rather than grouping all K debaters as net bad.
  6. Lol who said K affs bad for debate?
  7. that's what I said when they told me to cut it. I wanted to cut T-regulations personally because I thought it would be more strategic. The idea behind substantial was to get the novice kids used to reading and answering T. T-substantial is always trash in my opinion, but it was only 10 minutes of work to find the cards, cut them, and make the shells.
  8. Who are the lab leaders? My contract doesn't start until July 1st.
  9. I hope y'all like the case neg for SP2, because cutting it was a hassle. I deadass couldn't find any "AOUM good" OR "REHYA bad" evidence. I would like to know what y'all think of the cards I cut, so just Ctrl+F Calculus BC and give me your honest opinion. Most of my cards are in the Neg file, but I got some into the Aff file as well. If the more seasoned researchers on this site would give me some advice to improve that would be fantastic.
  10. I hope y'all like SP2 from UT
  11. Having a small school in your name is rewarding Ryan. Also, don't believe the dude that says Antonio 95 is the best card in debate, you can find it somewhere on my profile. The question itself was good, I figured you were memeing because you said Antonio was a place, even though the place is named after Saint Anthony.
  12. the cthulu aff was a thing on the oceans topic. the plan version, Plan: the USfg should substantially increase its non-military exploration of the oceans to find Ry'leh. There was also a plan-less horror version that critiqued humanity's fear of the unknown i.e. the ocean.
  13. I cannot stand UIL state, so I double turned myself in every round and convinced the judges that aff condo was good just to see if I could get away with it. I made it to octofinals like that lol. They didn't even drop me for that, they dropped me for running a K aff.
  14. My school is arguably the smallest on our circuit, with me being the only person who willingly did CX. I made it to college debate. Just keep working, go to camp, and meet the right people.
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