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  1. Ah, I'm in JDI this year, 3 week. Have I met you before? I've had a little chat with nearly everyone at the camp.
  2. This is true. They also won every ballot in the TOC minus one.
  3. I knew a lad who was struggling by the last speech so he played this song in the background while winging it. Judge was cheering him on but didn't get the win, shame.
  4. Whether it's in the round or out of the round, what do y'all fancy tuning into?
  5. WGLF, as previously noted by the above authors, is notorious in the debate community for having satirical, troll, and just flat out stupid arguments. People often ask for the video footage of their rounds just to get a scoop of how crazy their speeches are but, you can't watch something that never happened.
  6. Affirmatives central around environmental issues in China are definitely going to be big, such as water pollution, smog, global warming, toxic waste, etc. but I imagine there will be several variations of big issues such as those previously mentioned.
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