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  1. HandMeSomeCapGood

    How do I go for T in the 2NR and when?

    For 2NRs on T, I usually go for a overview and then impact analysis. This is where I spend at least 2-3 minutes fleshing out the importance of fairness and education within the debate community with some DAs to their interp. Afterwards, I'll just answer to any line-by-line they put up, and that's when I just use the answers from the blocks.
  2. HandMeSomeCapGood


  3. HandMeSomeCapGood

    What are some good specific TVA for Anti-blackness teams and Set Col teams

    My recommendation would be to find a card talking about how X group immigrants are being targeted through some mechanism within the immigration system and slap on a restriction to it. However, for set col aff's its a bit trickier. So you might want to find an immigration policy now that's hurting natives [maybe ask the aff team in round what policy is displacing natives and then they'll give you one.] Slap on that good ol' USFG should restrict and there you go.
  4. HandMeSomeCapGood

    How should I go for FW/T USFG in the 2NC against a K Aff

    For me, I usually structure it like any T shell really [Interp, Violation, Standards, and then Impacts]. For TVA, I have that as just offense and read that at the end of the speech. I'm probably not the best Framework hack here so I bet someone else has a better structure, but that structure continues to win me K rounds.
  5. HandMeSomeCapGood

    Impacting T

    I know the two main impacts are Education and Fairness, but how do you go more in depth with it. Just curious lol
  6. I didn't do a word count, but it's not too long. If you have a problem then just message me and I'll fix it. Critical SLP V7.docx
  7. Kinda down for a debate on either side for the education topic so DM me lol
  8. HandMeSomeCapGood

    Non Topical Gun Control Aff

    I feel like there may be some research in the instance of making a topical aff. Maybe something with certain security measures being implemented as a solvency mechanism. Maybe an anti-bullying discourse being implemented (in the instance of the past shooting then probably tailor it with mental health standards so that students can point out those who may pose a threat to the school).
  9. HandMeSomeCapGood

    Deleuze and Guattari

    Thank You
  10. HandMeSomeCapGood

    Deleuze and Guattari

    Does anyone know how to get a Free PDF version of "a thousand plateaus."
  11. HandMeSomeCapGood

    All my Files Now Free

    How much is the Digital Debate Camp???
  12. HandMeSomeCapGood

    How to win Framework debates vs Kritiks

    For me, winning the framework as AFF against the K allows the affirmative to weigh the impacts of the 1AC, Ik they previously said it. Some explanation: Bc you win FW, that means the judge has to take into consideration your Impact, and lets say you go ham completely on Impact Calc and prove why yours outweighs, then it makes it easier for the judge to vote AFF. I do believe that winning FW shouldn't be your only argument, like they said earlier, getting into the substance of the K such as No Links, Impact Turns... etc should be good as well.
  13. HandMeSomeCapGood

    Is "Perm do the Alt then the Plan" or vice versa severance?

    I mean in the 2NC you could use this as offense to say that the ALT can solve the affirmative, since the affirmative would of argued pass the Alt first then the AFF, which kinds of concedes this to the negative. It wouldn't be testing competition because your saying do the K first then the AFF, which in my opinion gives a lot of lee way for the negative to make the argument that the K would be able to solve the AFF