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  1. Hey, sorry for the wait, I havent had time to make the 2NC yet(with work, family, and summer classwork), itll be up by the end of the weekend, Sorry again
  2. Well duh, but if he wants a school in Arkansas that has a debate team, UAM is unfortunately his best bet.
  3. So my older cousin does IPDA and told me UAM does really well in that style of debate. They apparently won a lot of first and second place awards nationally last year. So theyre competitive, if that's what you're looking for.
  4. Topicality: What do you mean by "conditional"? What is the Arctic Council used for in this aff? You know the T is not a QPQ one right? If so, why are most of your arguements about it? Warming: How does the plan lead to the Paris momentum? Why is china key? MultiLat: Hooooww does artic cooperation solve all those impacts? What is try or die? Why is china key? Overfishing: Why is china key to the world bioD? Cap: Why do your perms solve? Explain the Grosfoguel 10 evidence Im really confused. What does "cede the political" mean? Environmental Justice: How is there text alt? Where does your wiki evidence say that the council has actually listened to the communities and they changed a policy because of those communities? What is a link of omission? Can you explain the perms a bit more. DA: Why does most of your evidence talk about a US-Russia war. when the DA never talks about the US expansion?
  5. Cool Ive got work tonight so CX will be tomorrow, hope thats cool
  6. Welp 1NC is kinda trash 4 off Warming Multlat Overfishing Word Count- 2366 Open for CX 1NC vs. vmanAA738.docx
  7. Awesome aff! Plan: -Your PT seems a bit vague. Who's policies will they have to comply to? -And would they have to abide by every environmental and scientific policy from the council? -What happens if they do not abide by said rules? -What nations are involved in the council? -Why hasnt the council already sent an invite to china? Warming: -Just a general question. How does the cooperation solve GW? -How does Arctic cooperation solve the entirety of US-China relations? MultiLat: -What is Brexit? -is the impact just SCS? Ill have more tomorrow but I thought Id throw some of them out there before I head to bed.
  8. Pretty sure its an open forum where anyone can hit anyone. but you can specify if you want a certain type of debate. Like if youre a novice you can request to hit another novice.OR if you want to hit a K Aff you simply request it.
  9. I know this is a dumb question. But what is QPQ? I'm having hard time understand what conditional and unconditional have to do with it.
  10. oh this is gonna be a fun round, if an extra judge is needed, I am cool with helping out.
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