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  1. Hey guys, Ian here with a bit of an update! The forums are actually nearing a very open beta state - the staff and I have been hard at work with all of our testers to bring an enjoyable experience to you all. The tournament system is almost complete, and then once the store is finished, we will be opening it up to the public. We are very excited to bring this to the community as a whole
  2. Added and testing a discord widget - just mostly other aesthetic changes and stuff today. A big component of the forums to me is maintaining a high-quality aesthetic.
  3. Any thread can be on the front page - obviously, it's still undergoing stylistic revisions, but it's a start!
  4. Screenshot time: Putting together the front-page for y'all! (this is the time to make comments on how it looks too)
  5. So yeah, that said, I have begun inviting community members to the forum to help beta test and design it. Here's to an awesome community, fellow debaters
  6. All moderators will have full access to anti-troll features - thank god for the amazing support XenForo has against troll and spam.
  7. Once a beta has been released, I will consider this further. As for other concerns, such as trolls (as exhibited so kindly above) - XenForo has some fantastic anti-troll features that allow discouragement (trolling the troll, so to speak), thread ban, catagorical bans, and shadowbanning, as well as forum-wide bans, in addition to spam sensors that will help alleviate the trolling issues.
  8. I will be tapping certain community members for their feedback in the development of this. Between here and Reddit there Is more than enough support to proceed with it, now it's a question of not releasing a half-assed project. With this in mind, I'm aiming for a limited beta release very soon, and I have already begun to tap certain individuals for more specific feed back
  9. This begs the question - as members of this community, what features are important to you guys in bringing this project to life? Furthermore, if it is a question of just having a place to discuss, that component is complete. What remains now is to make this new forum community I am creating functional and useful beyond just a forum to discuss. (more coherently: The forum is ready to be used as a place for discussion, and can be released as such right now. Alternatively, before it is released, more functionality can still be added. I leave this decision to the future community members)
  10. Of course, assuming this project comes to life, I'll be having a few themes - a light one and a dark one at least, just to accomodate user preferences.
  11. For those of you interested in what the prototype of the forums looks like, this is what it looks like now: I feel a fresh coat of paint for a new forum is important. Thoughts? Feedback?
  12. I will definitely keep that in mind! I will first extend a conversation to Nick, and then I'll begin to tap other community members such as yourself.
  13. I would be very interested as well - I don't want to replace his (quite frankly) fantastic efforts, but the fact of the matter is, someone with more technical knowledge of debate would be appreciated to ensure the community flows smoothly. This is a dialogue I would love to have with Nick if he is willing.
  14. There will at least be one moderator per section of the forum, plus more as the forum develops as per need. They'll be chosen either by me tapping existing moderators on the reddit community / this forum, or just by community consensus - this will be one of the key determinations as the forum develops. I do intend to have a file marketplace within a few weeks of forum release, and I intend to set up a 2.5 to 5% commission - the forum to me, is not an endeavor for personal profit, but I want it to be self-sustaining, so whatever percentage is necessary to pay for hosting fees for the forum. This to me is a very important component - the forum is not a mechanism for profit, but I want it to be self-sustaining. An important mechanism I want to implement is a 2 administrator / 1 interim admin system - if one administrator goes inactive, the 2nd can still administrate the website. As for a weekly ptx file, this is doubtful initially, as the whole point of the forum is to foster for all debate styles, rather than just policy. Potentially, down the road when there is a strong community, this can be addressed further for each individual style of the debate, but initially, it'll have to be a community driven thing.
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