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  2. *facepalms* you're right... You can find the video through the LD resources on the NSDA website I watched it like 4 times, but never have I found the video on YouTube.
  3. The only form of link in the round is your offence back into your value/criterion. At locals you will find that LD is based more on traditional debate, yet at bigger tournaments its very similar to policy. Check out http://circuitdebater.wikispaces.com/ for a feel for what is ran at nationals.
  4. Its important to do the pen drill constantly throughout the entire year as clarity falls off before a tournament if you haven't done it for a while. The pen drill literally consist of you putting a pen in your mouth and start (at least attempt) to spread. If you are taking like AP Bio or a class that you want to learn more about I'd go on those wikipedia pages and start reading them out loud with the pen tucked in. If you are feeling like a badass read it backwards with a vowel between the words while having a pen in your mouth. Spreading will improve over time so start everyday in the morning and/or when you go to bed, there is no secret sauce just keep doing it.
  5. Following what Neil Degrasse Tyson explained as "argument from ignorance", where the unknown become of significance for the human desire of knowing (even, and most likely,if incorrect), objects and events retain meaning for us humans pure desire of knowledge even if it is fanciful. Another look as to why us humans create meaning can be found by Carl Sagan through pareidolia, seeing faces in ordinary objects, where religious figures often are sited more often by a religious population. This in mind understanding the correlation of mindset to the view of reality is keen. So paraeida is a subset of "argument from ignorance", for in which the psychological answer to why objects and events have a deeper meaning is that us humans make things up in correlation to our day to day life, as it satisfies our desires of thirst of endless knowledge (even though that knowledge is skewed to what we want to believe). On a philosophical level people value aesthetics and which can be the appreciation of style and of it simplicities. That being said us humans can choose to hate or admire any object or event out of phycological will. Obviously, defining a true answer to a complex question is near impossible, but it is at least known that objects or events meaning may be rectified on a phycological and a philosophical level.
  6. Samferd

    LD jargon

    There are multitude of term in LD that get me caught off guard, and with no clear understanding of many of the terms it is difficult to participate in a theory/kritick debate. I have heard terms such as COI, RVI, FIAT, and ROB; without the understanding of these terms it is near impossible to combat them while not looking like a fool. Thus, it would be complementary if someone could provide as many terms and analysis of these terms as possible. Also, Im well familiar with terms in substance (traditional) debate so you can steer clear of them if you want. Thanks before hand .
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