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  1. 1 hour ago, rocketlizard74 said:

    I should probably be prepping for UIL state tomorrow instead of being on here. But.........

    I think at the point where we evaluate teams based on full year stats.............

    1. Greenhill AE

    2. Coppell DR

    3. Westwood BS

    4. Hendrickson GS

    5. Jesuit HM

    6. Woodlands MR

    7.  LASA CU

    8. Kinkaid HK

    9. Greenhill LW

    10. Highland Park LM

    All of this i think will change after the TOC but for now this is it

    Rankings are always whack but fr y'all did woodlands dirty. Quarters at Berkeley and semis at TFA after going 6-0 (beating Hendrickson GS, LASA CU twice, and Jesuit GN) is a pretty big deal. They're really good debaters who've beaten some really good teams - they should probably be tied for 4 or something with Hendrickson. This is honestly pretty hard to do well because we've never seen half these teams debate each other (ie. LASA CU not hitting the majority of these teams). I think these teams are 100% the top 10 teams in Texas. 

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  2. 21 hours ago, TestNav said:

    Who do y’all think are the top Texas teams right now?

    I'll have my obvious biases, as I do go to coppell, but I think the top 10 teams in Texas right now are

    1. Greenhill AE

    2. Coppell DR

    3. Hendrickson GS

    4. Jesuit HM/Highland Park ML

    5. Westwood BS

    6. Greenhill LW

    7. Woodlands RM

    8. Kinkaid HK

    9. LASA CU

    10. Jesuit HT/St Marks RV


    I really don't want to take time to justify myself for all of these, but these are my thoughts rn.

  3. 2 hours ago, shreyasr711 said:

    Also, I don't know if making any quality judgments right now on debaters is accurate. St. Marks was ruff for us because it was literally the week of the PSAT so we went into St. Marks with barely any prep. Keep yo eyes on Coppell DR tho these next two years  :)

    UwU a wild shreyas appeared

  4. I'm from a pretty privileged school - I go to Coppell, whatever. I still think disclosure is good and people should do their best to disclose. But there's a lot of things that make it hard for me to warrant disclosure to the extent I do it. I don't have to go put up my cites on my neg wiki, or fill out a complete round report - but I do it because I think its good for debate. 

    My problem with disclosing is other schools not doing their fair share of it. I go to bigger locals like UNT or Plano, but on the off weekends where I go to smaller locals where nobody discloses, I have no incentive to disclose outside of the fact that its good for community norms. I still do it and send stuff before the round and send email chains to people, but it's coming to a point where I know if I disclose more stuff or if I agree to send speech docs people read against me, I will 100% be seeing the same stuff read against me, and its not something I want to incentivize. A lot of people have been extremely good about disclosure, like the more relevant local teams like Athens and NL, and I think its becoming better for norms in this community.

  5. 53 minutes ago, mackarymuffin said:

    the aff is public charge with an ableism advantage and the 2nr is always either gonna be queer killjoy, deleuze, or state visas + midterms

    I really think ur right in this regard - NL is p good about emailing you back with stuff, and either ways you've probably already hit them on the dallas circuit

  6. On 7/5/2016 at 5:54 PM, okie4lyfe said:

    Harris Wilson. He's like 12 right? gahdamn

    harris hi key so good. carried all his partners and qualled to toc like 3 times

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