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  1. I recently got accepted to Northwestern 6 Week, Michigan Classic Plus, and SDI 4 Week. I am going to be a Junior next year and I was wondering which camp people consider to be the best? I am also considering applying to Michigan 7 week.

  2. Is this one of the questions they are asking at UTNIF?


    Do not take my work on this, but here are a few I found


    Normal Perm: Do the plan, and some or all of the CP/ K

    Severance Perm: Do part of the plan and part or all of the CP/ K

    Intrinsic Perm: Do the plan, part or all of the CP/ K, and something else

    Time-Frame Perm: Do the plan, and do the CP/ K later (or vice versa)


    And these are not mutually exclusive


    Also, for the Neg

    Performance Perms - Used when the affirmative makes some use of performance in their 1AC; the negative attempts to argue they can subsume some or all of the performance and win the round on other grounds. Essentially, they argue that the judge can endorse the performance and still vote negative. Usually run as part of a strategy containing a counter-advocacy to the affirmative, in the form of a CP, K, or even negative performance.


    Source- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permutation_(policy_debate)

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  3. God rylee you want to militarize the SCS and increase the conflict? Interesting.

    I'm gonna try and do something involving the UN, to where China can use it freely, and other countries won't contest them. Since China has stated there is no way they are backing down from the SCS, it would be better to let them use it freely since it will only cause more conflict if countries oppose them.

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