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  1. CondoK

    Weird args

    I have a negarestani file if you have something to trade
  2. CondoK

    Weird args

    Rory has this on wraps shh
  3. We have a god given right to ptx
  4. Partnership: SMNW KO Squad: BVSW Coach: Carey or Skenn Lay debater/partnership:Emporia PH or SMNW KO Aff: Kapaun LP Neg: BVSW KL Prettiest speaker: Julian Fastest: R E E M Most annoying: Jerry Wong Best 1A: Rachel Best 2A: Emmanuel or Sumaya Best 1N: Danish Best 2N: Eleanor Most likely to do well next year: WaRu KePe Judge: Birzer or Hegna Underrated team: BVN AC or BVW VS Best K debater: Azja Butler PTX debater: Bobby Phillips T debater: Nate Martin Most likely NDT champ: Mickey Most likely 18-19 DCI champ: Jenks/Issac Apple Nicest debater: Nico Best Evidence: Ireland 16 or May 5 (amount of Nietzsche I hit was off the wall) Best argument: STATES or T courts Worst argument: K's Best K: Neolib (if Ted is reading this Nietzsche) Best Aff: RTE Best excuse for losing: was so unclear literally no-one could flow me Best tournament for hanging out: KCKCC or DCI Best human being: Olivia Bishop Most likely glow up: Salem Clemens Best meme: Chris Lucas or Freestate newspaper that forgot BVN existed
  5. Anyone have any good Agamben or neolib links to this aff? I've been super busy with school and haven't been able to cut any- PM to trade for whatevs
  6. <p> Just been away from computer ill for sure request files in exchange but if you dont have them its good.</p>
  7. Also sorry for the double post but ditto on the points above-probably won't win on poems bad unless you have something like one of thr counter K's i mentioned above or if its an aff go super hard in on fw.
  8. Vs a K aff I go for suffering economy K (B-Drill stuff) or Tuck & Yang. Vs a K just use your generic K answers then look through the poem and see if there's certain instances of oppression etc they talk about the world of the aff could solve or make better effectively "solving the I/L of the poem". Just make sure in 1st CX to thank them for thier performance and ask them how to engage the poem "is it an arg etc" "What does your poem provide for this debate? Framing? Alt solvency? Offense?" Then go off of that, if you dont you've got a huge chance of catching more links than usual.
  9. Against every K read a perm, no link/link turn and FW- most K teams will get excited you ran an argument that may not apply then waste a ton of time on something in the block you were never going for. In the 2AR vs systemic K's I usually go for offense, aff OW and alt fails- vote for the team that is most net beneficial to the squo. Vs identify stuff I go for the perm, a link turn and aff OW via timeframe then you just arg (even if they win the K is bad we have the perm and link turn to resolve thier offense but do the aff 1st bc it somehow accesses X impact or makes it worse if our impacts happen.
  10. You're right. If anything I'm to blame, Kansas is super policy and I had never hit a K aff before camp it my first experience running FW so I wasn't very effective at covering it (I've made lots of blocks now). It's one thing I plan on getting better at this year if I go for bids especially.
  11. I told her to go for cap *large sigh*
  12. CondoK


    I just back from UTNIF and I'm more into debate than ever. I got to debate some pretty competitive teams including some that had acquired bids and I'm eager to debate at the TOC level of competition. I know a camp tournament is a closed environment thats very different than the competitive season so what do i need to do in order to get bids. For reference im transfering schools to Lansing this year (a school in Kansas that has gained some bids before and will travel i would also be willing to pay out of pocket to go to tourneys so travel may not be too big of an issue) I will have a good squad and coaches behind me and the ability to travel I also work independently during almost all of my free time. From people who have debated at this level or gone to the TOC is there a list of things I should prep or know/remember in order to be sucessful? Thanks in advanced!
  13. Anyone have ev that says something like "K-12 training k2 creating a nanotech industry" or "K-12 Training k2 marketization of nanotech"?
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