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  1. Samkash

    Biopolitics Alternative

    puar 07 - queer suicide bombing
  2. Samkash

    File Trade

    dont u debate in oklohoma where cards arent needed in LD and judges buy impact turns such as racism good (source - thedankestshrek)
  3. Samkash

    Security K

    pm me
  4. this is begging for a one off - baudrillard:D
  5. Samkash

    Neg strats

    depends , i sometimes do that if the kritiks flow well together
  6. Samkash

    vmanAA738 (Aff) vs DebateForLife (Neg)

    lets consult japan about that problem
  7. Samkash

    vmanAA738 (Aff) vs DebateForLife (Neg)

    i would like to judge as well
  8. Samkash

    If K authors were in high school

    scheper hughes - the timid kid who gets bullied by everyone in every possible life demeaning way
  9. Samkash

    Good K's

    antiblackness , settler colonialism , schmitt , cap , liberalism
  10. Samkash

    Non-traditional Framework for K-Affs

    open ev , linguistic intermediacy da
  11. Samkash

    Non-traditional Framework for K-Affs

    tbh , the passavant DA is pretty good against k affs this year
  12. Samkash

    List of DAs 2016

    maybe the 2 india das as well
  13. Samkash


    framework makes the game work