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  1. RT @ERhotenberry: @HannahMNunley Lord give me the strength up in here, up in here

  2. Lord give me the strength to not act a fool today

  3. My morning has taken twelve left turns

  4. With the way my morning has been going, work better be happy I even showed up at this point lmaoo

  5. RT @MsJessicaMarie8: I know better. I know that I know better. Yet, here I am.

  6. You could barely win a few debate rounds and now you wanna try to join the senate?l lmaoooo okayyyy ?

  7. My nephew to me: “Nannah guess what? I liked watching your robot. I loved it”?♥️♥️

  8. I just relived the moment @natalie_mireles and I got walked in on in the male restroom at nats this summer by our male coach & I’m in tears?

  9. Happy birthday to one of my besties!! Love ya, E! Glad you’re finally legal? https://t.co/bMWNqncUzV

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