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  1. Aldous Huxley - Brave New World, or The Doors of Perception seem like good starting places.
  2. Loved the Jackson card, thxvmch
  3. That's that shit I was lookin 4. Thankyou so much.
  4. Hello Every Body. I'm looking for the best Heg bad cards for when the 1NC inevitably read the Heg DA, cards I have rn that I don't need: Burke 7, Doran 9, Galli 10. Thx.
  5. I'm still very worried, could you send it to me? tehreeljaumsvernin@gmail.com
  6. I feel very bad for Ezra and Natalie. At the same time I think we should all get the opportunity to discuss the actions in the round.
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the face book cover photo?
  8. "I found a 1NC which is a working link at the time I post it. Link:right here was a URL posted of the 1NC exclusively but the debaters don't want it to be seen and I'll respect that(you could probs find it with not too much difficulty)" This is just ruthless, how could this possibly be justified? "JP looks like a keebler elf" "timmy timmy timmy turner headass boy"
  9. Lol, I just heard a neg solvency arg was "uniting the college debate divide." Is there by any chance a way that I could see this round?
  10. They didn't privatize it either, I really wanted to see the round but obtaining it seems impossible. EDIT: Needless to say I will be unsubing from the NDT Streams account.
  11. It's lit(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. Okay. I love shopping for electronics. Whilst making searches on Best Buy, Newegg, and amazon, I came across my personal laptop that I use for debate(http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-inspiron-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-black/5579395.p?skuId=5579395). 9/10 - Would recommend. Fast, reliable, adequate. I wouldn't say that it's built like a tank, but I can assure you it's durable. It fell a good 5 feet off of an impromptu laptop stand I had made out of binders(Iam stoopid). I guess the only downside(I wouldn't call it a downside) is it might be a bit large for some people to handle, but if you don't have people crackin jokes("damn, somebody's compensating for something.") or throwin shade("you bought a big laptop to hide behind the fact ur trash at debate"), I think you should be alright. It falls short by $100 of your maximum price, so I'll be back with another option soon.
  13. how much $ are you spending?
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