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  1. Keagan

    Verbatim for Mac Help

    What problems do you have? I have a mac and know exactly what you're talking about.
  2. Keagan

    What does a fully prepped out K Aff file look like

    Here are some of the args you should probably prep out. - Framework: Go through a generic FW file from camp to find all the potential arguments you could hit, and make individual answers to each of them. Also always try to condense your arguments to the shortest lengths. It helps when your 2AC is cramped on time and you want to be as efficient as possible. - Cap: you are always going to hit this so make sure you have a full pre-written 2AC - Fem - Afro-pes - Settlerism - Psycho - Ballots -And every other K that you might link to. as jswegthefuture says, you should have a "yolo" 2AC for other broad theories: like a misc pomo file. As for Tips: just make sure that you understand your aff's method well enough so you can be able to answer arguments you didn't/couldn't prep for.
  3. Keagan

    Answering Bataille

    Productivity Good is probably the best answer to Bataille
  4. Keagan

    writing better framework 2ac blocks

    Perm their interp - always works for me
  5. Keagan

    Cal 7 Week?

    There may be other assistants but these will be teaching the majority of the time.
  6. Keagan

    Cal 7 Week?

    Jason Russell Ben Hagwood John Spurlock Mike Shackelford Emily Gordon Margaret Strong From what I have heard, it will provide a "flex" learning style with both policy and K focus.
  7. Keagan


    I second, UTNIF in my opinion is the best 3 week camp in Texas.
  8. Keagan

    How to Learn Baudrillard

    Never knew my post was gonna go this far...
  9. Keagan

    National Novice Tournament

    lol, didn't know that existed...
  10. Keagan

    Old Ideas from an Unreal Troll

    lol - great answer to the k
  11. Keagan

    Best Policy Team in Oregon 2015

    R.I.P. Cross-X, you will be missed just like all of the other stars who passed in 2016
  12. Keagan

    Easy, Good, Novice Args

    um i think the umich file has one, make sure to look at the updated version and the original version!
  13. Keagan

    Antonio 95

    People have mixed opinions on this card and it really depends where you debate and how you do it. Firstly, to my understanding, antonio95 is saying that fiat is illusory blah blah blah vote neg(or aff) then, it depends on your judge, and your location as a debater. from my experience, it really depends on the judge because some just presume that fiat is there and there to stay, while other judges are open to actually "debate" it and see what comes of it. my personal opinion would that its a good argument to make, but can be easily squatted down by a team that knows what they are talking about. Other than that, no argument should be "kicked" out of debate because it isn't fair etc
  14. Keagan

    Post Modern Theory

    Haven't really looked into it that much, just bare level looks interesting