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  1. The question we should really ask is what wasn't wrong with that man
  2. I was wondering what kritiks you can run against critical affirmatives. This year the only off I had was Marx, Framework, and TVA, but then I ran into Marx affirmatives. I'm specifically looking for kritik ideas to run against cap and identity affirmatives.
  3. I'm going this year to the 4 week with Dunn
  4. The most important line in that entire book is that they say that they're not writing this to become more of a guy or feel more equal. They're doing this to "fuck with society." The book criticizes instances in which society breeds happiness in order to collect it as capital, so yes, you are right. They want to break society, not just porn.
  5. I agree. Realism will be a common neg strat on right wing impacts with heg or nuke war
  6. I had the same problem with my parents allowing me to go to Gonzaga. In the end, the main factor that swayed their decision was the idea that it was an investment. I had them talk with my coach about how camp allows you to access your potential, and how many of the colleges look for it. It also is a place to network. They had to trust that I was a good enough debater to become better and that it would ultimately be a breeding ground for scholarships.
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