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  1. This is the first time we've filled one of these, so here goes This is from Ashok and Madeline btw. Best judge: Mark Little/WiWo Best coach: WiWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <3 <3 <3 <3 Senior you'll miss most: Definitely Louis, we worship his 1nr's at Lincoln (Sorry Soren, its true) Best squad/school: OES, though hopefully us next year Best team: OES LR - We haven't hit LakeO AJ this year Best novice team: Y'all are def "sleeping" on Lincoln WX, considering they went 3-2 at RCRR Best aff team: OES LR Best neg team: OES LR Best 1a: Louis (Ashok says Madeline) Best 2a: Soren Best 1n: Louis Best 2n: Marcus (from what we've heard) Best kritik debater: Marcus - it's a fact Best T debater: Soren, that 2NC on Whole-Rez at Oak Hill and Central Valley were straight up scary (Madeline says Ashok) Best straight-up policy debater: Louis Best negative position: Ashok says T-QPQ, Madeline says Chinese Politics (Econ reform, of course) Funniest Off-Case position run this year: Affirm the Terrorist Spectacle (RIP Sunset) Worst Judge RFD (Madeline): Flynn Makuch and Joe Skoog at GDI Finals Worst Judge RFD (Ashok): I understand the 2AR was entirely new, but it sounded cool, so I vote Aff Best aff: OBOR, and the indigenous people's advantage from Arctic Most untopical aff: Basic Science Most persuasive speaker: Soren - those 2AR's are Godly Most helpful person: WiWo - we would still be cap debaters if it wasn't for him Most underrated team: Lincoln SW - Yall haven't mentioned them once, but they did better than Ashok and Jay at CV Most hardworking debater: Joe Schlecter - literally every dropbox update comes from him Most friendly team: Austin and Rachel for sure Fastest debater: Marcus Best debater overall: Soren Funniest debater: Jay - Ask him about Lacan in CX Most fun debater to judge/watch: Jay Most improved team: Ashok and Madeline (If we were still partners -- LOL GDI 4 LYFE) Next Year's Top Team: Lincoln __ (Specifically Madeline and Clara - they're both going to 7 week CNDI)
  2. Did any of the Oak Hill teams make it from your district Leo?
  3. Who made it from your district Jonathan? Do you know who else did?
  4. Hi everyone, This question is specifically for Oregon Policy Debaters. Do you know which teams are going to to be competing at the State Tournament? From my school, Lincoln, our three teams are Joe Schlecter / Cedric Wong Robert Cagle / Zelda Offerman / Belle Butler / Raja Moreno Ashok Kaushik / Madeline Gochee
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