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  1. I posted about this before but there have been major updates. So basically GDI 5 week soph is going to cost me 2,000 (that is without the plane ride from Illinois to Spokane but the plane ride will cost about 400). MSU 4 week will cost me 2400 and I will drive there. Which camp is better and which is a better bang for the buck?
  2. sounds vague but why/how could you win on perm theory and why would you read it in the 1NC if the perm is only brought up in 2ac?
  3. I assume rfds are still being given. the judges weren't ok with them being streamed but people are saying that highland park won (although in my opinion little rock has a good chance).
  4. whats your opinion on illinois debaters (specifically chicago teams but suburbs too)? any especially good/bad ones you have debated? ones to watch out for next year? whow do you expect to go far in the TOC this year?
  5. I really want to read that Rostrum article, looked through the archive and didn't find it, anyone have a link?
  6. How much financial aid do they give/how much did you get? How much is it realistically possible to get off with a pretty impressive record and major financial inability to pay? Also if you went, how was it? How would you compare it to say 5 week soph Gonzaga or 4 week SDI? What did you do in the free time? How K heavy is it? How competitive are the other kids who go there (and compared to other camps as well)? Any really good teams going to it this year? Is the lab split up into sophomores and the juniors and seniors or by top lab and bottom lab?
  7. can't afford it for sure (even with a scholarship - it will be around 3000 at the least which I can't pay); i am planning to get a job for next year to attend umich 7 week
  8. Hey so I'm going into my JV year and I need help choosing a camp: SDI 4 week or Gonzaga 5 week soph (no other suggestions please). I have been accepted into both, it's now just a matter of scheduling/paying for it. A little about me: Pretty good record this year (finals of Illinois states and 4th speaker there), I really enjoy kritiks on the neg (I am the 2N) but my partner is not comfortable with running anything but policy affs meaning we will probably be flex next year, pretty serious about doing well in debate (plan to actually pay attention in camp), UDL debater, plan to get a job to pay for a really good 6week/7 week camp next year Gonzaga 5 week soph is about 3,200 and has offered me 1,000 off - meaning I still have to pay about 2,000. I financially cannot afford this and have sent a letter with tax returns asking for more aid; my coach (Kevin Hirn) will send them a letter of rec for merit. Now, as for SDI 4 week they have not told me how much money they will be giving me but the original cost is 3900. I hope to be in the top lab. Question 1: How much does SDI give? Which camp is worth the cost more/where will I be getting a better bang for my buck? Now Gonzaga fits my schedule much better than SDI as I have something to do in August for school that's mandatory and it ends in the last days of July. SDI ends August 5th (still fine for what I have to do after). Question 2: I'm wondering if the 5 week will give me much more knowledge than the 4 week (considering lab leaders)? Now I live in Illinois meaning the cheapest round flight to Gonzaga i found is $540. I will probably hitch a ride w/ a family member to Michigan or take a bus which will most definitely be cheaper. 3: What is better for the travel? I have also heard that the content of SDI and the lab leaders is much better than Gonzaga. Final thoughts, which one do you recommend? Describe your experience if you went to either.
  9. Well for novice cx, I have noticed the following in good debaters: - Natural persuasion skill - Ability to make up arguments on the spot, quick thinking - Good ear (for flowing and what not) - Good speaking/spreading - Confidence ( a lot of "good" Illinois novices actually didn't know what the hell they were talking about but rambled with lots of confidence and won) - Just being smart/knowledgable in general (i.e if you plan to be running security k, it would be good to be well-read in freud,lacan,foucalt,etc) -Hard working This year was not easy at all but with dedicating constant time to debate I was able to from 3-2 at small tournaments to going to finals in Illinois States (lost 2-1 to new trier lol). I honestly don't know much about varsity though; just speaking from a novice perspective.
  10. do you have any links to recent rounds, at least from last year?
  11. So peninsula tw went to the TOC their second year bc they had prior exposure? isn't middle school debate kind of a joke (or did they compete high school level)? Also how good are the teams in turns of speaking (do they win based on technicalities or persuasion more so)? I was so surprised to see neither of the Blake guys got a speaker award at the TOC and they went so semis; I don't know about Peninsula.
  12. So I'm moving into my JV year and I've been hearing a whole lot of talk about Blake SW and Peninsula TW? Obviously they must be good at what they do, but what makes them so special? How did they get so good? I believe Peninsula TW are juniors this year so how did they go to the TOC as JV? Also does anyone know how well those teams did their novice/JV year and what camps they went to?
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