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  1. Harvard BS is probably super inflated in terms of how good they actually are at debate. Other college debaters used to say that their success was from the huge coaching structure Harvard had/has. Despite this, Bolman still did have a large amount of knowledge of psychoanalysis but outside of that, meh. Personally, the best K team is probably Michigan KM or Loyola EM. They have a VERY unique style like being super trolly but still had the mechanics of debate DOWN. Both debaters had high levels of technical skills, argumentative breadth, and just in general debate sense. Loyola on the other hand quite literally invented our now kritik debating in terms of both style and the arguments themselves. Baudrillard, Bataille, Nietzsche and many others are all either Loyola creations or have been taken to a whole other level. Again, Loyola maintained high levels of technical skills and a humongous argumentative breadth. Another important fact is the fact that Loyola actually coached both BoSu and KM, which imo adds to their resume. Another really really good team is UMKC AT. Despite having less argumentative breadth (not because they don't know the arguments, just their preference), they are incredibly technical and have definitely made the achievements. Finals of CEDA and Octas or quarters of the NDT? (personally think the round vs Rutgers was bs but whatever). Conclusion: I think its Loyola cuz James is the best.
  2. Uh honestly, I don't think Virilio is a very good k in debate on the aff or neg. Either its best as a link/part of a kritik or there are just straight up better kritiks of technology. I think you should try something like a cybernetics k. You can probably read some of Virilio stuff as links in this k.
  3. and people why the debate community is so fucked.
  4. not even trolling one off baudrillard is really good. If you are up for it you can go for an afropess k thats centered around the libidinal economy. Semiocap k's by people like james would also be good. Psychoanalysis probably also links super hard.
  5. Does anybody have a copy of The Ecstasy of Communication by Baudrillard? If anybody does much appreciated.
  6. My question is where exactly do I draw that line though. Like is where I have it right now perfectly fine?
  7. So if I run a one of K thats just massive how exactly do me and my partner split the block? So far I was thinking that I should take the thesis claim of the K, framework , links, and impacts while my partner takes the alt and permutation. So does this mean that my partner is the only one who explains the alt and how it solves the links? Thanks for helping!
  8. OneOffNoCase


    Cut it yourself.. in my opinion you should almost always cut your own aff's especially K aff's so you have a better understanding of the argument and how it interacts with other arguments.
  9. im pretty damn sure the neg can fiat.. Like almost every judge will let the neg fiat if they are half competent. CP's are basic neg arguments imo. I think maybe u could argue that they are overstepping their responsibilities in the round which is only to prove the aff is a bad idea. Maybe some conditionality argument that they are defending the SQUO and another world.
  10. just saying you shouldnt always run the same alt consistently. You should change ur alt versus different affs such as identity/PoMo/soft Policy/hard Policy. but as ur "fellow k hack" I'd suggest histo mat.
  11. I am trying to find a card that says China is a multiplicity. Even a card that just states that the nation states are multiplicities. Does anybody know where I could find a card/article like this? thanks!
  12. OneOffNoCase

    K Tricks

    So I've recently become the 2N and I've decided to be a K debater. I've learned the literature but on a more stylistic level I am wondering what are the best K tricks to pull and how to execute them properly.
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