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  1. Best team: Kapaun EH Squad: BVSW Coach: Cook/Zuck Lay: BV AR/Jerry Wong Aff: BVW BN Neg: BVSW KL Prettiest speaker: Jackson P. Ross Fastest: Nate Martin Best 1A: Nate Best 2A: Lily Best 1N: Daniel Best 2N: Steve Most likely to do well next year: BVSW KL, SMNW KO, Lansing WB Judge: Rubaie, Bhatla, Jyleesa Hampton Underrated team: Everyone says us, but I think BVN CM was really good and pretty underrated Best K debater: Lily PTX debater: Daniel T debater: Elaine Wong-She went for T in the block when they beat Peninsula TW Most likely NDT champ: Harvard HS Nicest debater: Lily Ottinger Best Evidence: Brooks & Wolforth '16 (RIP Ikenberry, you heg denier) Best argument: Engagement Now, Space Weapons bad Worst argument: My Space/FMCT Aff Uses the Military Best K: Left Governmentality Best aff: 1China or Space/FMCT (Obviously I am Biased) Best excuse for losing: Engagement Now thumps the Disad Best tournament for hanging out: KCKCC Best human being: Elaine Wong
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