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  1. StreenaSkywalker

    7 week debate camps

    Mich 7 (if you're flex) HSS (if you're a policy hack) UTNIF or Northwestern (if you're a K hack)
  2. StreenaSkywalker

    China vdebate vs. JeanLucPicard

    Just quickly on #5 - Is preventing the abuse/torture of Uyghur dissidents immoral?
  3. StreenaSkywalker

    China vdebate vs. JeanLucPicard

    CX of the 1NC: I have six questions b/ the first two are super short. 1. Status of each off? 2. NB to CP? 3. On the Cap K, how does your "materialist criticism" connect theory with action? Where does it mandate the thought AND action that makes up praxis? 4. On the Pain K, given that the Plan gives the Uyghurs a say, how is Plan an erasure of them? 5. How is the Plan's purely Derridian ethical motives a colonial logic? 6. How does having dialogue and a working group translate into "imperial domination"?
  4. StreenaSkywalker

    China vdebate vs. JeanLucPicard

    I'm at the Long Beach invitational, so probably won't get to CX till tmrw. Sorry!
  5. StreenaSkywalker

    Strategy at NSDA Nationals?

    Are K Affs with a policy plan ok for NSDA nationals? It's simple enough to explain to lay judges even but I've heard NSDA judges can be picky.
  6. StreenaSkywalker

    camps 2017

    Best camps: Michigan 7 (a bit more K) HSS and DDI (more policy) Northwestern and Wake are rising too, from what I know.
  7. StreenaSkywalker

    Post-Camp Sadness

    I don't Tbh we have a group chat that we use every day and we Skype group call on weekends so it helps.
  8. StreenaSkywalker

    How do alts work?

    I'm not really a K hack so correct me if I'm wrong, but I know one of my friends ran Wilderson the entire year. Basically every round he won on the K. He told me that usually teams just indict the classic "burn down white civil society alt" with little answers to the rest so he would just kick out of the Alt every round and still win.So I suppose that is doable and strategic, but it all depends on your skill, the way you leverage arguments, and your opponents.
  9. StreenaSkywalker

    Blocks and the Flow

    Whether it's the 2NC and 2NR you should follow the line by line of the 2AC so that should make it easier for the judge to flow and make sure you don't drop any arguments. You simply have to cross apply and group effectively. Otherwise a judge could have a ton of arguments and cards without a clear place where to apply them.
  10. StreenaSkywalker

    Impact Calc

    Pick two at most to explain. I usually like to try to access their impacts as well.
  11. StreenaSkywalker

    China vdebate vs. JeanLucPicard

    He's too busy so he's gonna do it tomorrow
  12. StreenaSkywalker

    2AC Overviews good?

    Keep it in the line by line. Embed that stuff in the FW or impact framing debate.
  13. StreenaSkywalker

    answering framework as a k aff

    Generic answers about how Ks are good for education and policymaking (otherwise serial policy failure). Then specifically talk about your Aff and your specific role of the ballot/weighing mechanism for the round. Leverage 1AC cards as proof that Aff is the necessary prerequisite to any other policy.
  14. StreenaSkywalker

    China vdebate vs. JeanLucPicard

    I think it was glitching but now I can attach it.