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  1. Type the URL of the article into sci-hub.cc - you'll get access to it for free. This works for nearly every scientific/philosophical paper.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoYgrmvhRWG7eUw-W2vsseQ/videos Look at the earlier videos on the debatedrills YouTube channel. They go over LD-specific theory and tricks stuff. The later videos are LD practice rounds and drills, mostly.
  3. Here's some stuff that might help. valuecriterion.com Go the the sidebar on the left, click on "complete frameworks." The cards are uncut, but they work fairly well. circuitdebater.wikispaces.com These are old ToC debaters' cases - the offense is specific to a given topic, but the frameworks can be reused. Just search for whatever framework you're looking for in the search bar. I don't recommend literally copy/pasting frameworks, but it'll do in a rush.
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