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  1. Now that Greenhill has happened and a lot of good teams have started debating, I was wondering what affs you all thought were particularly good/creative/strategic. One of my teammates is looking for an aff to read, and I was wondering if any of you have any thoughts so I can give her good suggestions (preferably not a super common/camp aff, but if you think any of those are super good, she said she's open to anything).
  2. hi everyone who are your bets to do really well this year? normally things like the Greenhill RR indicate this, but idk who has been invited to that so far. who do you all think can win the TOC? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!
  3. Hello, my partner wants me to take the elections disadvantage in the 1NR at our first league tournament this weekend. This is my first real tournament in varsity (even though that doesn't mean much in our league). I know what the elections disadvantage is, but how would I structure my 1NR? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone I am just curious where everyone on here is going to camp. I am still undecided but I will be deciding soon.
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post on Cross-x I will be a junior next fall, and I would like to go to camp over the summer to improve. I think I'm a little late in asking, but what is a good camp for rising juniors? I come from a decently flexible circuit, so I want to be able to engage both Ks and more traditional arguments. I don't think my parents would really want me to go away for more than 5 or 6 weeks, but other than that, I'm pretty much open to anything (unless something is just outlandishly expensive). Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Also: other juniors on Cross-x - where are you going to camp this summer? Thanks
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