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  1. Yea ik it did seem a bit disrespectful tho and I'm sure baudrillard and bataille have lots of value for some people. Maybe I will start reading baudrillard soon idk. As of rn tho not my fave author to say the least
  2. Thanks will read Fixed lol
  3. Hey yall, Just bought anti-oedipus and holy shit I don't understand a single thing. Should I start with freud or something? like what can I do in order to understand this thicc book? tbh im tired of reading security and cap, trying to get to that next level. Anyway can yall recommend something to read/watch/whatever beforehand in order to understand this book?
  4. will the DDC be happening this year? I heard in the past few years there were issues with staffing...
  5. Jayms

    US K2 Climate

    So I've been looking at advantage CPs for climate and one big flaw stands out: Alt causes = china, which the aff only has a risk of solving. Any international modeling cards or us K2 solve climate cards that are longer than a few sentences? I found a backfile from gonzaga but each card is literally 2 senteces long and has few warrants if any. Thanks!
  6. there are lots of flavors/versions with lots of alts but basically that the aff re-enforces the human-nonhuman or human-animal divide -- the link, and this creates a bunch of problems -- that's the impact. The alt can range from "adopting the viewpoint of a mountain" to some more radical stuff. Most links aren't that great; The most common one is a link of omission, which is honestly pretty easy to beat. Link of omission means "the didn't talk about it, therefore they must be anthropocentric" and the common response is "we only have 8 minutes; there's no way we can talk about everything -- We agree that anthro is important, so we'll just perm it". However, there are some better links for sure albeit they're less common to dehumanization and other impacts. The impacts are generally root cause cards which can also easily be beaten -- There are lots of "proximate cause is fine" or "root cause methodology fails" cards, not to say that these impacts/RC arguments are bad but just to say that you'll have to defend them. Other impacts include genocide, ecological destruction, etcetera. The alt, as mentioned above, can be viewing something from a mountain which is pretty common, but somewhat susceptible to a link turn. There are others link rejection, thought experiment, etcetera which is probably what you're running.
  7. my computer tweaked ignore this post, thanks
  8. thanks all! can you direct me to a revolutionary perception DA? or the cites? never heard of it...
  9. I went to my first tournament this past weekend and really didn't see any really good DAs, or even CPs for that matter. What do y'all think? Any DAs this year worth running? I'll probably just end up cutting one myself tbh
  10. Jayms

    Rey Chow Books

    please pm me rey-chow-the-age-of-the-world-target-selfreferentiality-in-war-theory-and-comparative-work.pdf
  11. Jayms


    Damn thanks awesome explanation. So it's basically a cap k with the link being productivityEdit: I think it has corrupted you ? Also couldn't teams say that unproductive expenditure is limited to the elites? Maybe all they can afford is food and a bed?
  12. Jayms


    Wenzhou and very beautiful signature
  13. Jayms


    yep its the michigan aff that's on openev for this year. Thanks for offering to help!
  14. Jayms


    someone is making me run this aff at an upcoming tournament lol... if someone would be kind enough to explain the thesis
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