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    2016 UIL State

    Any and all graduating debaters on this thread: feel free to PM me if you're interested in judging, conducting workshops and/or consulting for teams next year. Shoot me your qualifications (classification, school, circuits, notable highlights, maybe the aff you ran this year, future plans, etc.). ...@aram...that means you...
  2. Author

    2016 UIL State

    Would love to chat with both of you sometime about some consulting, judging positions I'll have open next year. If you're interested, PM me on here. Chapel Hill - nice round against Grandview.
  3. Author

    2016 UIL State

    Nice! Once upon a time I debated for Glen Rose so it's good to see a team snatching the title from our neck of the woods. Do each of you plan to continue debate in college? What's the plan.
  4. For a gift K, start by reading a Derrida scholar's work on Derridean politics,then maybe dive into what is always a tumultuous endeavor to conceptualize, card and cut his original work.
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    2016 UIL State

    Comanche clinched 3A...congratulations to winning the title...anyone know what aff they used? Just curious before I close the book on this year's terrible resolution.
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