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  1. What rising seniors from california, washington, nevada, etc should we watch out for next year?
  2. Hey yall, My parents an unwilling to put down more than 2000 for debate camp, which really limits my options. I am a rising senior, and my partner is going to a pretty good camp, and I'm looking for the best camp that I could go to in this situation that could increase our chances of making it to some bid rounds next year. I am willing to work extensively, regardless of where I end up. Right now, I am considering the 4 week K lab at the GDI as I know I can get enough of a scholarship there to reach the 2000 range, but if anyone as any other suggestions or feedback, that would be very helpful! thank you(: Also, to advance this question, is the week GDI K lab sufficient to set somebody up for reaching bid rounds?
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