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  1. I'm in a mainly policy circuit and was trying to learn kritiks. What I don't understand is how alts work... doesn't make sense to fiat mindset shifts because you could fiat world peace or something rericulous. So the queer suicide bomber alt, burn down civil society, thought experiment of suicide of humanity, how do all of these alts work?? Sorry I'm a noob Thanks in advance
  2. what are some answers to the following alts, just wondering cuz im trying to prep for my first k aff and realize imma have to defend against some pretty leftist stuff. - Worker revolution (neolib) - Rage (queer ks, blackness ks) - Global suicide of humanity (anthro) - Thinking like a mountain (anthro) - Burn down civil society - Fem alts (idk what they are) Thanks in advance!
  3. w8 i uploaded the first book oops not the perspectives, critiques, etcetera.. sorry my fault.
  4. pretty sure it is... top 20 nationally but I'm pretty sure it was like top 10 at one point
  5. crazily enough i was already thinking about camp next year cuz im obsessed with this debate shyt... haven't heard much about berkeley/gonzaga, opinions? I know berkeley is an extra elite university so I would expect good things. Also someone told me Northwestern/wake are the 2 top ones as of rn.. agreements? disagreements? of course michigan 7 is great and ive heard mixed stuff on georgetown sorry to post this so early but yea
  6. Ok my definition of a k aff is not passing a plan through the USFG. Bataille claims to be topical. There were some affs last year that curtailed surveillance in round by wearing masks or covering cameras and were able to win on T. As far as I know those count to most people as k affs...
  7. link one please I guess? like not a K aff... but specifically a K of the topic aff
  8. How does a K of the topic aff work? Obviously the basics are "this res. is racist/sexist/colonialism/SomethingElse therefore we refuse to defend it and f/w and T just re-enforce the resolution and that's bad" but what are the specifics of running one? Like what do you need to prep out for, what can you expect the aff/neg to do, etcetera, from both sides I.E. how would you run one and how would you answer one... Im assuming just an even more leftist K? Thanks in advance
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    sorry wrong post
  10. How do you answer framework for weighing the aff against the K, like if you're neg? Or do you just concede and read util bad or something? Sorry, I'm just now learning how to run Ks, my circuit is dominated by policy.
  11. I went to camp this summer and after a few rebuttal redoes and practice debates I noticed that I have a flowing problem: I'm inefficient, have bad handwriting, don't really organize/line up the arguments well, etcetera. Obviously, line by line is a huge part of being an effective debater... what kinds of drills or exercises can I do?
  12. I mean everything would be good lol but extinction works.. I'm not looking for something to say that the death counts of genocide o/w extinction like that Abu-Jamal Card, just like suffering/systemic violence of genocide o/w death or something.. u know what I'm saying? Maybe I'm dumb and a card like that doesn't exist....
  13. yo im trynna write a new aff w/ genocide impacts... I've heard of some cards but they're all old and i can't seem to find them, anyone have some genocide o/w cards? Thanks in advance
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