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  1. How do you kick your alt and go for the links as independent disads in a round?
  2. Guy got top speaker in jeans and a collared shirt so wear whatever you want
  3. Poverty and discrimination Yes exactly. I need cards that put my impacts above nuke war and extinction
  4. I'm creating a new aff with no value to life and structural violence impacts and I wanted to frame the round. Does anyone have any good cards for this? I'm willing to trade cards
  5. UTNIF Skills Session 1! Super Excited!
  6. I am bringing a girl into my school's debate program and I'm trying to decide which event will suit her best. What qualities make up a good CX or LD debater? What are some factors to consider when choosing?
  7. If you know someone in your room that also does another event ask them ridiculous questions after his speech. Ask questions like what aff are you running tomorrow or where did you find that one card. Or just ask stuff like what if your favorite color, etc.
  8. What is the typical day like at the 3 week skills intensive camp at UTINF and how is time divided between class and free-time? Was this camp a good experience?
  9. What was the experience like at ETBU compared to other camps?
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