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  1. Hey, I'm just gonna cede my cross-x, there are tornadoes here, and I want to stay safe haha, go on with the 1nr
  2. Alright, barely got it in haha By my count it's 2750 exactly Thanks for your patience 2AC R1 ODT.docx
  3. T The plan is a proposal between the US and China? Why would this violate the interpretation? Why is T a voter? CP Status? You use Hughes as a Solvency advocate for the first plank of the CP, quoting a line where she makes a specific policy diagnosis to remedy part of the issue, how does the CP solve the remainder of the warrants on Hughes? You don't appear to address the status competition argumentation, beyond alt causes, will you concede this is the best way to evaluate East Asian conflicts? Can the CP solve for status competition? If so, how? Explain mutual nuclear vulnerability? Why exactly should the judge be able to kick your CP? Why can the negative kick planks from the CP? How does the CP resolve the disad? DA I'm confused, doesn't PTI 15 just exemplify the point risen in Laurence 16, exacerbatating the impetus to vote? Is neoliberalism unique to core MDB's or is it done by the smaller ones as well? Case What method of IR do you think the affirmative uses? Can you expand upon the arguments in the Bernstein card? Will you defend Bremmer or the CP in terms of the SCS impact? Why is Chadran's economic analysis still viable in a changing market? Expound upon the impact in the Hickey card? You reference a dollar heg turn on the CP flow, is that Hickey? I just want to be sure? I doubt there will be any followups.
  4. hey sorry for the wait, school has got me slammed haha word. word count is 2592 1AC ODT.docx
  5. Yo do to @TheSnowball 'S shutout I'm up for it if there's still space
  6. > Sketchy af K affs that have one card mentioning "China" and spend the rest of the time on their theory (I am guilty of this, but it still really grinds my gears) > Trying desperately to convince judges that my links did exist and weren't links of omission > T QPQ/no QPQ now triggers Vietnam War style flashbacks for me > Condition CP's Yeah some of these aren't unique to China, but these are just general things I hated
  7. It seems to me that the modifier on education is super weird. The resolution specifies "elementary" and "secondary" education, which from what I can tell means K-5 or 6 and 9-12. It doesn't make any sense to me that this arbitrary exclusion of the 7-8 cohort would be present in the resolution. Seriously though, am I just misinterpreting this, or is this just bad wording, Thanks, Y
  8. Easily Black Nihilism and the Politics of Hope by Calvin Warren
  9. Hey there cross-x, I initially didn't want to weigh in, because I wanted more time to study the round and read through y'alls opinions (which in my view are really quite excellent by the way) before I came to a firm stance on this topic. Let me begin with a primer, I am a black man, debating for a high school with a really small policy debate program, so I understand at least some degree of the struggles described by Rutgers. With that in mind let me give you my honest opinion. 1) Was What Rutgers did an effective strategy of liberation? For this I would first like to ask, Why the hell should it matter? If Rutgers deems this as an applicable strategy to liberate and open up a space for black debaters in our community, who are we to say what is "good" or "effective", on a personal level I don't understand the significance of the question. But secondly, of course it is, the idea of making white people uncomfortable (at least from the perspective of the negative) is instrinsicly a good method of liberation, because it lets white people catch a glimpse at what it's like to be in a constant space where you don't feel at home day after day. I think that maybe a few of the jokes about Ezra were a little mean, and probably unbecoming of a debate round in the "traditional" sense. And I think there is a definite case that the treatment of Natalie is obviously problematic, but I don't think the so-called roast comes close to the violence black folks have to deal with on a day by day basis 2) Was what Rutgers did ethical? Probably not. But it mirrors the treatment of black folks in the debate space and civil society, so that leads into the further question of is debate itself ethical to debaters of color? If your answer is yes, than the "violence" in the round affects Rutgers significantly more, and thus is non-unique. 3) I think Rutgers deserved to win the round.
  10. ydavid

    CEDA Streams

    Does anyone know if rounds from CEDA are being streamed/recorded by anyone this year? And if they are where would one find them?
  11. Since I've never heard of you I'm under the assumption that you're an East sider. On the West side the best teams are probably(in no particular order): Heritage Hall DV (terrible people, but unequivocally the best team in the state) Heritage Hall LM Edmond North WS Edmond North CS Edmond North LL Moore CK Moore HN Moore SD Norman North DR (we kinda suck tho)
  12. Hey there, So by some miracle, my partner and I qualified for NSDA nationals the other day. And after roughly 20 minutes of revelry, we realized that we had no idea how to prep for it. We are from a medium sized school with a weak policy program and don't have coaches to cut cards for us/that know too much about policy debate. So: 1) What do we need to be ready for? 2) How is NSDA different from the white, intellectual ghetto that is the West Oklahoma debate circuit? (We hit a K aff almost every round, and the negs almost invariably contain at least 1 K) 3) Is there a good way to hedge against really big/well coached/rich af teams? 4) How do judges react to performance debate? 5) Any tips to increase the chance of breaking?
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