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  1. our based god smiles upon you #tybg
  2. Is there a cite or link to this interview? it would make a killer indict/answer
  3. Actually suicide is illegal in some states i believe for a different reason tho. It's illegal so the police can enter your home and remove your body with a reasonable cause of a crime having taken place. IRL state of exception
  4. that mueller card 0/10, should have been tagged "Nuclear extinction is just a meme"
  5. Hey im interested in a trade. i have a Nietzschean Big Leboski K Turn cut from Beyond Good and Evil whose main argument is literally " the k is bad because thats just like your opinion man"
  6. I think there is a Hartman (08?) card that makes a pretty good argument about blackness and specifically making a show/spectacle of pain and specifically how thats bad. Look for it in AT: Wilderson/afro pess files. Also like a Tuck and Yang co-opt argument and psuedo activism argument is pretty strong
  7. The strength of a K lies with the debater. that being said i know that many people fare well with Temple of Knowledge type Kritiks, but anecdotally one of the best teams at my school will often read a Symbolic Terrorism K, which involves taking the aff hostage, whatever that means
  8. The story of the eye might be too weird even if its full of good metaphors
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