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  1. After districts my coach/teacher likes to do an in class extemp. debate tournament. I have some ideas for this resolution, but any help would be appreciated---I'm Aff http://imgur.com/gPjfwr6
  2. Jaspir Puar is also pretty big on necropolitics
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/29/china-accuses-japan-of-threatening-peace-in-pacific-with-new-law --This article should be enough and you'll also want to prep out a consult india cp
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yl0x7oxzt2bgnm/Consult%20Brazil%20Counterplan%20%28Any%20Aff%29.doc?dl=0 Heres a Consult Brazil CP that I have from my sophomore year of debate, you could use the theory on the Neg blocks and use the 1N answers as a base for the answers you'll make on the CP. You probably just need some answers to a Consult Japan CP for the china res -Japan says no to any China plan -Hurts Chinese relations, can't access solvency
  5. Space lasers would probably be a good starting point for you from the 2011 topic or something around those lines
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/policydebate/comments/4dje2o/timecube/ The reddit policy debate community would disagree
  7. I have a couple policy centered neg args i'd be cool with trading Pm me
  8. Anyone got Ableism answers, blocks, or anything. I'll trade for anything you got
  9. Anyone got Ableism answers, blocks, or anything. I'll trade for anything you got
  10. You could easily get away with the 1nc on the terrorism DA from michigan on openev but it'd be to your advantage to cut your own, if you just google "See something say something" and here's a link for verbatim if you don't already have it http://paperlessdebate.com/verbatim/SitePages/Home.aspx
  11. "Look at your internal links. Nevermind, you can't see them because they don't exist. " -5 on courtesy +5 on Cross Examination
  12. You pretty much just argued that there isn't enough backdoors in the backdoors affirmative for this to be a backdoors affirmative
  13. It's a program that was made after 9/11-so it could be a spin on an ethnic profiling case (islamophobia most likely) Offcase-an easy terror DA, there's probably going to be a lot of evidence after the Brussels attack, literally any PTX DA, Kritiks with a security or islamophobia link Oncase, I assume this tournament would be a big tournament because it's either going towards or is at the end of the season, so i'd think they'll try to go kritikal with islamophobia so be prepared for that-If you're trying to make a block just get cards from your islamophobia neg, the program is also big on cybersecurity so you could run that as a case turn- but you'd probably just beat that aff on mainly the terror da at the end
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