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  1. Looking for a theory block or any general answers you can think of multiple counterplans. Thanks!
  2. I cut this at camp as a solvency mechanism for the debt aff, but I did not get super deep into the literature. It basically says that we can analyze and find flaws within history to remake it. It works with and somewhat on the same level as genealogy. Someone else can probably explain it better than I can.
  3. Collapse down case args to offense, and strong defense. I would compare the evidence qualifications to theirs and give a good explanation why yours is more accurate, and then tell the judge how this factors into the debate. Impact out that piece of ev being true and how it takes out their case. You can def talk for 5-6 min on a few pieces of evidence. Just throw a lot of warrants and analysis in and you should be good.
  4. Always go for one argument that you're winning. If you spread yourself thin, a smart 2ar will point it out and be able to cover everything much easier. You need to go in depth in the off case you go for, not just saying that the judge should vote neg. You need to explain your arg, the impact, link and any corresponding arguments and close all the doors for the 2ar. It shouldn't take 1 minute.
  5. Framework is included in Theory, and @OP, this is just a general strategy for tackeling K's. No order, just a catchy name to help remembering things you need to say.
  6. P-Perm O-Offense S-Solvency T-Theory A-Alt L-Link I always include multiple perms, link turns, turns, impact defense, and general defense against the theory. Aka cap bad; cap is good.
  7. Jacksons books on Counter-Terrorism and how it's used to justify atrocities all seems real world and current. On that concept, Giroux's book, Americas Addiction to Terror, is pretty damn fire.
  8. Well the way I see it, Neolib is based off of individualism. So by curtailing surveillance, you are inherently perpetuating neoliberalism. So once you become more individual, you start acting as a self government and that's where you would hypothetically lash out to gain rescources etc.. So the argument is pretty much, yo people of the US, work together and with your government as a unit, instead of all, individuals, competing economically.
  9. Easiest way I've learned to understand new philosophy (which this is kinda borderline philosophy) is to read the literature behind it! Find a few authors that have written specific books or articles and read through it a couple times, It will clear things up since most of the time cards have tags that aren't very well explained by the text.
  10. At NATS, I heard that you basically get 3 random judges against a random team, no warning, no prediction. How should I go about prepping and what should I expect in terms of judge adaptation. Thanks!
  11. Idek. I was just being sarcastic because whoever wrote that article is some Texan homophobe writing about how stupid Socrates was xD.
  12. The death of the K is coming. I am here now ;-; "Socrates figured out the most ingenius way to fake intelligence was to run around town asking everyone "Why?" five hundred times like a 5 year old little girl making everyone think they were coming to their own conclusions on life. What's even funnier than that to me is that he never really came up with any real answers to anything. He would run around town asking people questions but would secretly be getting off to the fact that he really didn't know anything and people thought he was brilliant. The man never answered a single damn question... By the way, I think Socrates was gay." http://thecorrectness.blogspot.com/2004/10/philosophy-is-stupid.html
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