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  1. seanarchy

    Biopolitics Alternative

    Yeah I'm not really sure this is a great option for most versions of biopolitics. Queer necropolitics, sure. "Managing people is bad" probably doesn't require suicide bombings to solve. I mean you can probably get away with it but it's not as strategic outside of Puar's Deleuzian background compared to other less abstract alts.
  2. seanarchy

    Biopolitics Alternative

    I mean, there are a lot of reasons the regulation of immigrants is bad biopolitically. A bit more specificity would help get a better answer. I'm not really sure what you mean when you say you want an alt that answers the reform good debate, outside of associated framework arguments. I tend to see a lot of rethinking type alts associated with biopolitics Ks, especially if they're concerned with power/knowledge. These usually contain implicit framework arguments that let you bypass the reform debate to a certain extent. If it's more of a K of managerialism, David Graeber has written some good cards about anarchist direct action, as well as a fiat K that uses very Foucauldian arguments.
  3. seanarchy

    Cybernetics K

    I haven't looked at the negative section of the file too much but that was definitely the case last year.
  4. seanarchy

    Cybernetics K

    Cybernetics usually refers to the intersection of communication and control. This is often related to technology or the will to technology/mastery, which is a Heideggerian expression that describes efforts to render the world perfectly knowable or useful. I'd recommend having a decent grasp of Nietzsche's arguments about ressentiment and metaphysics before reading this stuff in debate. It's also good if you're familiar with, in order of importance, Deleuze, Heidegger, Baudrillard, and/or Bataille. There are a bunch of different ways that this is deployed in debate. Exits to a Posthuman Future by Arthur Kroker is definitely the most common one. It provides a pretty strong introduction to the field, but it's kind of dense. Dark Deleuze by Andrew Culp is also about cybernetics, although a bit more specifically to Deleuzian theory. It has a more militant and anti-communication attitude than other authors. Planet Utopia by Mark Featherstone has more of an anti-productivity bent to it. It's maybe a bit more hopeful than the other two books. Each of those authors have written a number of smaller articles that also have great cards. Michigan put out a cybernetics file this year that's pretty good and has cards to contextualize to this topic. I wouldn't suggest reading all the way through each of these books, just enough to get a good grasp of whichever argument you plan on making. Underlying knowledge of the authors cybernetics is based on is more important imo.
  5. seanarchy

    DnG on neg

    It's a book by Andrew Culp which has been read a lot recently as a K of traditional Deleuzian concepts like accelerationism or affirmation. It says that Deleuze's work has been coopted by capitalism through a "canon of joy," which creates a regime of compulsory happiness making the status quo inescapable. Culp says we need to learn to hate the world as it is and to disengage from capitalist forms of connectivity and production that make us dependent upon the state and markets. This leads him to advocate for something resembling guerilla warfare - secret, violent resistance and conspiracy aimed at overthrowing the current world order.
  6. seanarchy

    Kritikal affs for new topic

    Homonationalism - there's a ton of lit about this in immigration law, solvency might be a bit generic (eroticism, suicide bombing, etc.)
  7. seanarchy

    Best K debater of all time

    Just a correction: Loyola Marymount University EM was a college team who got to semis of the 2012 NDT. There is also a Loyola high school, but EM was from the University.
  8. seanarchy

    how to answer antiblackness performance affs on case

    In antiblackness debates the most important line of argumentation on case is almost always the ontology debate: is blackness ontological, yes or no. Cards like Kline, Gordon, or Marriott are all good ideas. In performance debates I think reading cards about the ballot or narratives are also good. Stuff like Ritter, Harris, or Levasseur are good on this question.
  9. seanarchy

    DnG on neg

    Shit I just realized I can't funny.
  10. seanarchy

    DnG on neg

    The chapters are able to be read in any order. Like chapter 1 then 5 then 2 Obviously the sentences are coherent.
  11. seanarchy

    DnG on neg

    Aaditya hmu at Cal this weekend. You prob don't need to read all if ATP. The book is written as a rhizome so that it doesn't have to be taken as a totality or in any particular order. Definitely read the intro tho.
  12. seanarchy

    Gendered Language in Evidence

    Yeah don't edit it. Personally I never edit anything describing a specific person. In my mind doing so is arguably worse since it may misgender a specific person. No one should think you're categorically saying something about the labels she or he, since you're describing people who *presumably* use those pronouns. Example: if there's a trans woman who prefers she, calling her they all the time is probably rather alienating.
  13. seanarchy

    University/Academy K Alt

    Look at the neg file vs Pittsburgh BF at CEDA here. https://opencaselist16.paperlessdebate.com/Wake+Forest/Cronin-Reddy+Neg
  14. seanarchy

    Daily Card

    Yeah those ones.
  15. seanarchy

    Daily Card

    Cal Berkeley GJ's neg file vs Indiana DM includes a couple cards that are responsive to charity cannibalism under case in the 2nc. It's open sourced on their wiki.