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  1. yo dont forget about clear lake AS and barbers hill GJ
  2. Aporias of Security by Anthony Burke Great source to get an alt from
  3. So I am interested in this program for next year and want some info on its quality (files, lectures) basic structure, and if the program overall is worth it.
  4. what do I need to prep for a one off K like Settler Colonialism? i.e. Fw etc.
  5. UTNIF definitely a top tier camp especially if you compare the price to other camps
  6. does anyone have an extensive complexity file. I'll trade heavy
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC04LnqVkbNVgL-HzvQ2w30Q
  8. What is the definition of a thumper and when and where do I use one? Please give examples.
  9. https://www.cross-x.com/topic/31983-explain-the-different-types-of-perms/
  10. I am looking for a Confucianism and Yin and Yang K or any unique Ks for the China topic. Pm me if you wanna trade
  11. Has anyone found camps that have released their starter pack yet?
  12. Does anyone have any Affs to trade cuz I have some china files. PM me if you want to trade
  13. TEXASSSSSSSSS But it STILL takes a backseat to LD and PF
  14. what are these "shady" websites?
  15. What High School do you debate at?
  16. UTNIF Skills HMU if you are going to session 1
  17. I am interested in trading for a really good marx and necropolitics file pm if you have one. I will trade multiple ks for those files and I also have a good number of DAs and AFFs for the China topic. Lmk in you are interested
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