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  1. Make the plan like reduce restrictions on legal immigration by requiring Judges to provide permanent relief by cancelling proceedings in cases where an allegedly removal person lacks legal counsel or it has been determined that they are unable to meaningfully participate in their defense. Either A, they just get released and Get LPR Or B, They get a fair trial with a lawyer
  2. Jw4167


    LPR is not the best interp- seems like its last years "curriculum T" Most affs don't meet it and the neg can always spin the aff to be effects T- judges will get tired of hearing it Things to answer it: a counterinterp that included the aff but has a tight limit(can be hard to find) over limiting topic education
  3. Jw4167

    2NC/1AR Prep

    this video was very helpful for me
  4. sorry im going to have to drop out of the ODT, sorry for wasting peoples time, I just don't have the time with work,family in town, and camp next week.
  5. First, i may end up dropping out of the ODT soon but ill try to continue If court politics is a net benefit to ESAs will you spec that it uses congress? sure Can you kick specific planks? no
  6. I would have loved to research the case and have a lot of clash on the mechanism but im super busy and don't want to waste any more of your time. 1NC R5 vDebate.docx
  7. last question, what happens if these searches continue to happen?, like what is the enforcement mechanism to make sure they actually stop. Like if scotus rules but the searches continue, is there a punishment?
  8. few more questions what other polices will end that are justified by reasonable suspicion? what broader change claims will happen because of the plan, in the context of Linos and Twist what happens if these searches continue to happen?
  9. sorry ive been working everyday and busy with other stuff cx solvency advocate? does the plan spillover to other things justified by reasonable suspicion? if yes, what evidence do you think says it will spillover? your evidence talks a lot about zero tolerance polices, how do you solve those issues? what "broader change" will happen because of the plan? can you explain Van Cleve and Mayes 13 why shouldn't we evaluate unintended consequences?
  10. im totally willing to contribute, my school has two teams so i understand the struggle, do we want to make like a google drive or something to get people together?
  11. his 2ac was super long so you dont have to compensate in 1nr, at least i would assume
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