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  1. they even let you reverse your upvotes. How will cross-x go on without “sorry for accidental downvote” posts
  2. Alright, sorry for keeping everyone waiting for so long, I've been a bit busy and (admittedly) put it off too long. Here's the RFD. I can answer questions, because I'm sure people have them RFD.docx
  3. I very much agree with this, which is why I’m having a hard time writing an RFD. Apologies for taking so long, but I am working on it
  4. I’m out of the country so my timezone is weird, but my preferences are on the original odt thread. A condensed version: - Tech over truth - For policy, I prefer less off with more warrants and am fine with cheating CPs that have an advocate - For Ks, explanation > buzzwords and the link debate is most important. I need extra explanation for Bataille, Baudrillard, and Cybernetics args since I’m not super familiar - Flowing hurts my hand and I’m not great at it, so try to make lbl as easy as possible for me
  5. 1AR word count is 1659, order is case, engagement K, cap. Sorry for taking so long! 1AR trashdebater.docx
  6. What are the warrants to Wilkie and how does it link to the aff? Can you explain your response to the link turns? After that I’m good for 1NR
  7. Sorry for the delay. 2AC word count is 2879, you can have an extra 100 words in the block or if that's too far over I can cut down some more. Order is case, off in 1NC order. Open for CX 2AC trashdebater.docx
  8. Sorry for the delay, here’s CX Status of the off? 1 What is “engaging in politics” per the interp? What are some examples of affs that meet your interp? What’s the warrant in the Brown evidence for the ballot being bad? Is the “ballot bad” stuff distinct from the interp (like if you kick the interp can you still go for ballot bad?) 2 What’s the difference between the second and third off? What does “a radical form of civic engagement” look like? 4 How is this off competitive? Sounds silly, but is the CP fiated? 5 What’s the link to the Torrant evidence? What is an “organization” and why is the state the only one that can solve? I get that prison labor may incentive incarceration, but what’s the warrant for cap structuring all criminalization? What makes the alt’s civic engagement distinct from the civic engagement of the 2nd off? Just that it’s for a communist purpose? What guarantees that the political party formed by the alt is actually successful? Case What’s the warrant to McWhorter? Maybe follow ups
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