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  1. He supports Trump because, as he admits, he doesn't have to face the material consequences of a Trump presidency.
  2. http://wayback.archive.org/web/20150324121920/http://timecube.com
  3. Yep, I have a PDF of what I believe to be the full book. However, due to size limits on this site (5 MB max, file is ~13 MB), here is a mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ano5v3l6bk7b89k/Violent_Cartographies.pdf
  4. mfw you advocate copyleft but want to keep it private Reading Bataille Now.pdf
  5. What about equality being a VC to justice or something? That should be easier.
  6. I'm not really sure what you're asking, but from what I gather you're asking about how much you have to cut for the evidence to be ok? If you start highlighting in the middle of a paragraph you have to at least copy and paste the entire paragraph. Like you have to do this (just for example): Alwis 16 Positioning its postwar bilateral alliances to complement the Asia-Pacific’s evolving multilateral security framework, and simultaneously networking its alliances and partnerships, will constitute major challenges to Washington’s policymakers. It was hardly coincidental that President Obama’s 2015 National Security Strategy document reflected on this challenge:
  7. I didn't pay very close attention but I think that if the neg went for T they had a much better chance of winning. Didn't find the aff answers from what I heard very convincing.
  8. Huang and Pan 14 [Yingying, Suiming, "Government crackdown of sex work in China: Responses from female sex workers and implications for their health", Global Public Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, page 1076, D] Through this analysis we have described the impact of the police actions during the 2010 anti-prostitution crackdown in China on FSWs and the strategies that women used to respond to the police actions. The Chinese Government initiated anti-prostitution crackdowns with the goal of reducing the size and scope of sex work and ultimately eliminating it altogether. Consistent with other literature that describes the complex relationship between state control and sex work (Choi, 2011; Ghosh, 2002; Tucket et al., 2010), our evidence suggests that the intense police actions had little to no impact on permanently closing sex-work establishments or compelling women to quit sex work. Rather, we observed that women would adjust their sex-work practices or temporarily leave sex work, only to return after police actions subsided. FSWs [Female sex workers] used strategies such as changing their methods of soliciting sex, changing venues for sex and migrating to other areas to sell sex to avoid police actions. If we broaden the discussion and look at the effects of the anti-prostitution policy over the last 30 years, the failure of these policies to eradicate sex work seems clear. National household surveys have shown that there is a steadily increasing number of male clients over the past decade who report having ever visited FSWs (Pan & Huang, 2013). Men from a wide range of economic classes, including the newly rich, the middle class and government employees and migrant workers, all report visiting FSWs (Huang et al., 2012; Uretsky, 2008; Yang, Latkin, Luan, & Nelson, 2010; Zheng, 2006). Data from our group also illustrate that people have become more tolerant towards sex work in recent years in a social context where finding employment has become more difficult (Pan, 2008).
  9. maybe "those who experience ableism" would be best. it allows you to not have to defend that only people with "disabilities" face ableism, more people do.
  10. I think that the first quote you provided is really because of a matter of translation from English to German. I have seen 3 translations that all say things that are similar, but not quite the same, the phrasing is very precise. I also think in this section he may be talking about the choice that is made between being an animal or being the Ubermensch, lower or higher. A doctrine is needed powerful enough to work as a breeding agent: strengthening the strong, paralyzing and destructive for the world-weary. The annihilation of the decaying races. Decay of Europe.-- The annihilation of slavish evaluations.-- Dominion over the earth as a means of producing a higher type.-- The annihilation of the tartuffery called "morality" (Christianity as a hysterical kind of honesty in this: Augustine, Bunyan).-- The annihilation of suffrage universel; i.e., the system through which the lowest natures prescribe themselves as laws for the higher.-- The annihilation of mediocrity and its acceptance. (The one-sided, individuals--peoples; to strive for fullness of nature through the pairing of opposites: race mixture to this end).-- The new courage--no a priori truths (such truths were sought by those accustomed to faith!), but a free subordination to a ruling idea that has its time: e.g., time as a property of space, etc. I UL'd something I think is important, my interpretation may be incorrect because I have not read a lot of Nietzsche, but I think from this translation he's saying that race-mixture is something that allows us to build stronger and form Ubermensch.
  11. I think that the only connection directly between Nietzsche and Nazism is that his sister had taken his writings from when he went mad and used them as a way to help Nazi ideology, especially anti-semitism.
  12. I had meant the reps were an ignorant person looking to 'Asian' culture and thinking them of one thing, and that being pandas & bamboo & tea & haikus, etc. Didn't mean literally Chinese culture bad joke. But as to the topic, I sense a perfcon if you don't literally write haikus and bring tea for everyone to drink.
  13. your reps of chinese culture are bad.
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