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  1. I know I'm a bit late but I just saw this and wanted to respond. I watched the round before it was removed. I come from a white place of privilege and although there were a few comments in which I thought were unnecessarily malicious. I agree the overall stratagey was acceptable. Looking at it from a concept of ethics in which the debate community resides in malicious action against opponents in a debate space should not be allowed. One however must weigh the morals of what happened from the perspective of what people feel in their own position which I believe the uncomforability is alloweed. I also believe that people from a position without or with less provoke especially poc do intrinsically face bias in everyday life and in an ideal world other societal memebers can lift them up. When that is not possible which it seems to be indicated to force the conversation to increase confirbility it is necessary to create tension. Martin Luther King had a 4 step philosophy he used to take action a drehen he said all else failed non violent protest was the last resort used to force tension in spotlight. The means at which it was forced might be disputed but the fact I just read 6 pages on cross x about this shows the discussion has been forced. I do not know if they could have had such a large impact on the community doing it another method. I always would like to praise Georgetown for not directly insulting them back. I believe the self determination and moral integrity there was good. It's too bad that people believe the biggest impact was who won the round when in reality it is the events that followed. Despite debate being a competitive space the more important aspect is to learn how to argue and the world around you including other people's struggles.
  2. There is only one way to attack a case like this. This works in K heavy and non K areas. 2 OFF: Bacon DA Bufalo DA Cow DA Lamb DA Sausage DA Fish DA and T
  3. Well Nick, it seems as though the responses are living up to this thread title. You are being straight shunned, but its k.
  4. This OP is why there has been a decline in policy.
  5. A few tips: 1. Fem K based on second word way to discriminate, since I assume you do policy watch out for this 2. Great idea and I would encourage anyone to join, best way to learn is collaboration and cooperation
  6. One is 3 letters long and the other is 8 letters long
  7. One does not simply have more than one link. UNLESS, you have achieved 750 NSDA points, if not and you attempt the judge will look you up and automatically vote you down.
  8. I believe this occurred in southwest Arkansas, this was a specific round btw--> The round was in east texarkana, so that is part of the nats southwest arkansas circuit
  9. Your school must be persistant on going to one of the most cutting edge policy dstricts. I'd like to know how you actually travel each weekend from wyoming Also there was a t-substantial round with the voter juridstiction and neg won with it being one off
  10. I heard all the cool kids who really want to show this aff run the drug bison CP with net benefit biodiversity--> since bison are keystone species and then you outweigh impacts with extinction. Also T-substantial in a round i was in won me the round 3-0 with 2 lay and a coach Also this andrew kid is from Wyoming and i looked up parkway south high school and its in missouri or something Also they don't link to their advantages If you go to google and search police brutality inevitable on the 6,7, or eight page (i don't remember) there is a really good article
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