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  1. Not really sure if this is happening this year, but I figured I might as well get the ball rolling. Best team: SME BP and DM Squad: BVSW (Depth) and SME (Top Couple of Teams) Coach: Mike Harris Lay: BVSW ZK Aff: SME DM Neg: Kapaun EH Prettiest speaker: Zach Novicoff Fastest: Jacob Melookaran Most annoying: Stephen Lowe <3 Best 1A: Spencer Mitchell Best 2A: Bhavish Best 1N: Daniel Birzer Best 2N: Will Bledsoe Most likely to do well next year: BVW BN, Kapaun EH, BVSW SMW HV Judge: Bhatla, Carey, Eric Morris Underrated team: BVW MN and BVW KM Best K debater: Dominika and Spencer PTX debater: WaRu NW T debater: Nick Most likely NDT champ: Harvard HS Nicest debater: SME and BVSW in general Best Evidence: Best argument: T-Bulk Collection Worst argument: "Condo is unethical because we conditionally gave blankets to Native Americans" and Condo Bad in general Best K: State Phobia K Best aff: Whatever aff Daniel decided we wanted to break 5 minutes before the round started Best excuse for losing: None of our counterplans competed Best tournament for hanging out: DCI Best human being: Spencer Thompson
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