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  1. RT @thekts230: Real friends wait to walk with you to your next class @chrissychaaos ???

  2. RT @thekts230: Great times. Glad to have shared them with the best people. https://t.co/vdcR6US2m9

  3. RT @dmrcaucus: Feds flag Bernie Sanders campaign contributions - Bernie Sanders received a warning from the Federal Election C... https://t…

  4. I wish I didn't care about you so much

  5. RT @AdorabIeDisney: When Pooh hates honey, when Peter Pan can’t fly, when Ariel doesn't sing, that's when I'll stop loving you.

  6. RT @andy_roberts226: A bunch of people I know in high school went to the Bernie rally in KC today and I couldn't, but I can actually vote f…

  7. RT @thekts230: "I lowkey want humans to evolve into vampires"

  8. RT @DASlARENAE: the law of attraction is real.

  9. RT @yo_its_bro: @yo_its_bro Unpopular Opinion #8: G2 pens are the best pens on the planet.

  10. RT @BernieSanders: Excited to be in Kansas City, Missouri to discuss a wide range of issues important to Missourians. Watch live here:http…

  11. RT @thekts230: "Kyle do you want to die" @chrissychaaos to me 24/7

  12. I'm a novice debater who's trying to prep for districts and I'm in desperate need of making a framework argument for a racism advantage based on border drones. please help me! all help is welcome due to the fact that I barely run framework so it'd be nice and stuff, thank you!
  13. RT @_conallkeenan: person: you've been crying for 30 minutes now nonstop are you okayme: i'm doing a cleanse

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