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  1. I think 1 is probably the vast majority of why pf is a bad event; you don't have laypeople as referees, on the field, or in debate. it's even worse when the judge's decision determines the entirety of the round and not just a foul. could you explain 5? how is any different, since you can run counterplans on the neg?
  2. ld is liver disease, pf is pretty fucktarded. Also what is the main reason of your 10?
  3. the 1nc is harder than the 1ac because you have to write analytics; similarly I would say that the 2nr is harder than the 1ar because you have to respond to 1ar strategy, in addition to having to shadow answer the 2ar
  4. I could have sworn that it said 2017 and not 2011, but whatever.
  5. That's really impressive, I'll look into it but my parents will need to approve.
  6. What else is the digital debate camp known for training kids in?
  7. try arguing topicality is genocide.
  8. Do you have any videos of you (or anyone else) going for this?
  9. I'm not in ND. I'm in Colorado and I've seen a similar drain and am interested in avoiding a total wipeout like in ND.
  10. How did it die out? I actually heard Fargo Shanley was (is?) an nfl points powerhouse, sad that couldn't have meant continued participation in the best form of debate. How does the remaining LD ... and PF too (i guess) circuit compare to the debate circuits in other states? It's sad that the newer generation doesn't have the opportunities that the older ones did.
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