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    I love conspiracy theories.
    I desire to understand as many K's as possible.
    All radical claims I make are most likely jokes:
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  1. damn, you posted at the worst time possible. ive got a soccer game at 7:30 (be there at 6:40) so i gotta leave my computer now. and i have a test on of mice and men tomorrow and a math test tomorrow. so i probably won't touch the 1nc until late thursday (i have some banquet thing called cambridge learner awards?). this is gonna be rough, like really sorry /: i promise ill get back to it eventually, just hella busy. if u dont wanna wait i get it, so someone else can pick up the round, or ill get back to it asap (kinda dont wanna fail my life lol). apologetically, dont have one
  2. whoa whoa whoa comrade be carefule there, that could be offensive
  3. <insert dank më-mé> whaaaaaaaaats the difference?¿?¿ edit: didn't make sense without edit lol
  4. If you want to lose on Plan Flaw. Edit: Question mark turned into a period.
  5. remember, lots of people cried about the china topic as well. im iffy thus far about education, havent really read any specific k lit on it thus far
  6. something about buttholes and the sun i guess?
  7. april 10-12 ill be away from all technology, im going camping. not sure if thatll split the round up, but gonna use it as an external solvency mechanism, my glorious expenditure
  8. cx will be answered by the end of the day, school is hella busy for me on b days (we have block schedule). writing three essays today and taking a short response exam so ill get back to you asap edit: only two essays : )
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