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  1. I'm still not too familiar with k lit and I don't want to be running a k that I don't understand like most teams in my circuit so which arguments would be best for people who aren't too ahead on k lit yet.
  2. I'm going against a team that I've heard created a k aff that critiques the language we use for disability regulation doesn't help educate students with disability and instead just try to accommodate for them just enough to say were not abliest. That's the most information I got from it and don't know how to answer this. My usual neg strat against k affs are f/w and some k but with the aff k over language I don't know if f/w is the best route.
  3. Does anyone have a presumption file I could use for reference and possibly take parts of?
  4. Does anyone have a presumption file I could use as reference and possibly take parts of it?
  5. How would I propose a docket and what would be the po's procedure
  6. It helps you articulate more that way you sound a lot clearer. You must focus on that while you're doing the drill instead of just mumbling through it.
  7. Nah and funding is not an inherent barrier.
  8. The best part to argue would be the root cause. If you win that then you should win the perm because the k cannot solve for your advantages while the case itself wins both the k and your advantages.
  9. I'm an intermediate policy debater and want to expand my knowledge on kritiks. Specifically on structural racism and cap. What lit should I read
  10. We ran it as aff and they joined in after the 2ac. the judge hated it and wasn't that big on K's so we knew we were going to lose on it (especially since we kicked the aff) but it was hilarious. It will be a round to remember
  11. Thank you for this shell. I just had a blast running it today
  12. I know that amending something means to change or add the text in the legislation but I don't know what to do after I thought of one. And when the PO gets it what are the procedures
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