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  1. arealguru


    I've also used Berlant for cruel optimism. The notion of the determination for impossible change. Pretty good when people try to create change using debate. You just need to read the basic lit for the essay.
  2. Alright, so what are the grounds of the diagnostic debate? I have a few questions. 1. What are the grounds for the diagnostic debate? I.E. What is the topic that is debated, are we expected to use camp files etc. 2. How easy is it to get placed into the upper labs? - I heard that a shit ton of people don't even know how to k debate, and if you can somewhat defend against k's and do k debate pretty well, you should be good to go. I'm a novice but I can debate pretty well in a K/ID TIX circuit, but can also do trad debate, and was wondering if you might know where I would be placed based on my debate-demographic. 3. If you don't get into the upper labs are the lower lab leaders good too? - I know a few camps have only good upper lab leaders, but have no clue about UTNIF. Sorry about the question dump, just super excited about UTNIF, and learning how it works before I go.
  3. anyone got a card saying incomplete genealogies don't solve?
  4. Man, this is the March Madness of debate.
  5. it was unusual for us to be judged by anthony, it was the first and last time it happened to me, and he was judging our state tournament in Nebraska for the bid to the NSDA Nats tourney. He's friends with Matt Casas (KCKCC), and since Casas coaches down here in Omaha, NE, Anthony came down to help judge and meet up with Casas. I mean, they won Parli together so sorta expected. I feel like anthony likes to vote on presumption a lot tbh, and I think he's a good judge, but you really have to explain your solvency mech, espcially if you aren't a k aff as weird as that sounds.
  6. sorry meant to upvote you (I missclicked) , he judged me this year, and his other Wilderson lit knowledge was crazy. My friend runs a lot of anti-blackness, and I recall Anthony telling him to go to a certain page in a certain book for better evidence specific to what the other team was saying. It's pretty crazy.
  7. This card was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
  8. Yeah, OP is my partner and we already run set col k, do you think if we can prove that the surveillance state started in the control of the natives not the phillipenes so the aff is masking that suffering etc. we can win the round?
  9. Nice idea. I just think it should be reordered, and the impacts internal links should work a little bit better, but it's a good start. I see oncase being a bit difficult to answer with this aff though, make sure to have some good frontlines.
  10. arealguru

    new aff

    I have a new aff if you wanna take a look its really easy to understand and pickup. Lemme know if you wanna swap some ev.
  11. arealguru

    new aff

    I feel like this aff would be a lot better if you picked something more specific. I feel like these advantages are really generic and there's not much that's unique to this aff. This aff is like the negs on case dream. And for your impacts on democracy make sure to prep out some answers to coloniality. Your racism impacts need neolib prep too.
  12. I'd be willing to trade for that if anyone has that.
  13. So there's a couple things I can think of. I'm a novice debater so this might be really stupid but we'll see. This is if you are neg. I can't think of anything on aff right now. First you engage in less of greed with the ballot. Against a role of the ballot aff or during cross ex, I bet you'd simply ask what it means for the aff team to receive a ballot. Most teams answer with stuff about social change and changing the mindset through the ballot. It's not difficult to make them concede that victory is necessary to get their point out (and in my mind its really not). You can explain you have less greed because you want the ballot as means of a rejection. your alternative must be a reject the aff alternative to work. If they try to link or perfcon you into the Buddhism K for greed you can explain that by purging out greed you can engage in smaller greed. This works because the actions the neg engages in are to purge greed and to win means a simple rejection not to affirm any belief system. The negative greed and attachment to the ballot is far less because you would like to make a point to reject the intertwining relationships of lets say economics and what the aff is pushing for right? The other team's greed outweighs you because they would like to make change at a much larger scale and a greater means because that's how aff's usually work (in my circuit atleast). The neg wants to make a change at a much smaller level at the simple cost of the ballot which is much smaller, than lets say this economic global spread change. There's still a net benefit at the cost of greed for the ballot which is much smaller than anyone else in the round. This is where this comes in: As long as your link overwhelms the other teams double turn link I'm sure this would work. This is my idea of running it on neg at least. I don't know if this makes much sense but I think you'd be able to make something out of it. The neg would win because they have less obstacles to go to get rid of earthly desire. The ballot is the only thing that stands in their way and if they can make the contest of not having a true desire for it, but just rejecting the aff from grabbing it as their story it is by no doubt that the neg wins in the set of losses or the neg loses less than the aff in the round.
  14. Alright so next years topic is coming up and I think that an interesting K aff would be cool to run. If someone has a buddhism k file or a buddhism k aff file that I can use I'd really appreciate it. Any year's file will work well honestly, just seeing older styles of it being run shouldn't hurt.
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