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  1. I haven't been in debate pretty long and go to a pretty small school, so two requests for this community (which i joined a couple weeks ago and found that it is awesome) 1. Anyone have any funny/joke cases and files? Im not planning on reading them in round, i have respect for debate, but I just wanted to look at them and read them 2. Anyone have generic answer files? Answers to really general args that are run on every topic (cap, etc..) it seems like a lot of people have those answers and i dont think i have any sort of access to them THX!
  2. i am writing a case about black self-defense for the handguns topic and was wondering a few things -- 1. does anyone have any cards about violence against black people being inevitable --> not full afro-pessimism tho. the arg is that since violence is inevitable against black people they need self-defense. 2. cards that say liberation requires some bloodshed Thx
  3. if you want to see a good application of this evidence, watch this video (the 1AR is where it shows up) NOTE: audio does get better 3 mins in
  4. t i ended up losing to wilderson and it was a white person. in cx, it was kinda established that they really didn't know the lit or the argument that well, but i wasnt confident enough in my knowledge of the argument to argue that they were "commodifying" blackness for a ballot. i was looking for the specific evidence that articulated the commodification argument. Im pretty knew to this kind of argumentation so thanks so much for the help
  5. it is in the context of the ld topic it is a discourse k by tons of research i mean in context of a small school with only two debaters and without access to a lot of the databases (the system is stacked against schools like us and lone wolves, which is why i love things like the wiki and this website as they level the playing field) if you can help me that would be really nice thanks
  6. I was wondering if anyone had a discourse K shell for the term "black market." Im from a pretty small school so i cant do metric tons of research just wanted a little help. Thanks
  7. Hi! I've heard there is some evidence out there about how white people shouldn't argue afropessimism/how that is a performative contradiction. I was wondering if anyone had anything on that and if they were willing to tell me about it. Help a freshman! Thanks in advance
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