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  1. i gotchu fam christopher-peterson-kindred-specters-death-mourning-and-american-affinity.pdf
  2. why must you plague this website... you got your answer! stop posting!
  3. jsourouh

    K affs?

    could u link it please?
  4. jsourouh


    Most policy affs link to anthro lol.. just make sure there aren't any links which is unlikely. But anyway, just go to https://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/2014/ and search anthro, this was the ocean topic so plenty of anthro ks.. each file should obviously have an assortment of decent impacts. Sorry, I'm currently too lazy to compile a file myself. edit: due to recent events, i assure you that the link is not a rickroll.. sorry to disappoint.
  5. ^^^^^^^ yes please, if someone has it pls upload it or post link...
  6. Just brought you back to -69 points. Hope this helped.
  7. how did you get an invite?
  8. Need help with camp assignment.. have been searching for hours, can't find evidence I need for Africa disease leading to some sort of catastrophe.. thx in advance
  9. "Cut it" by Ot Genasis, obviously See what I did there
  10. Should the concept of beneath contempt exist or should we consider everything with depth? edit: Basically I'm asking what the issues with dismissing an idea or a concept as "useless" or uninteresting before actually considering it are...
  11. Thanks a lot, will def read, sounds very interesting. P.S. Mr Scu I accidentally down voted one of your posts here so I'll up vote one from somewhere else, sorry!
  12. http://fcmconference.org/img/CambridgeDeclarationOnConsciousness.pdfwhat makes you think that non-humans are not conscious? Adidas06 also had a good point. as a species that has a conception of morality, it is our responsibility to use it. It's not the animals's fault how they were born."In an effort to understand the nature of sympathy in non-humans, in 1963 Jules Masserman investigated how macaques responded to other monkey's suffering in a laboratory environment. How would they behave if they knew that securing food would give an electric shock to another monkey? Masserman's monkeys often prolonged their hunger rather than administer a painful stimulus. One monkey refrained from taking food for twelve days. Responses showed several patterns. Self-starvation was more likely in monkeys that had themselves experienced electroshock as a subject. Sacrificial behavior was not biased towards members of higher dominance rank, but was slightly stronger for cagemates (although not statistically significant). Visual contact, even without auditory cues, seemed sufficient to induce the response. The monkeys' behavior seemed to reflect an understanding of another's pain, as well as strong aversity to causing such suffering. " - http://www1.umn.edu/ships/evolutionofmorality/images/16c.htm "In another study, a female gorilla named Binti Jua rescued an unconscious 3-year-old (human) boy who had fallen into her enclosure at the Brookline Zoo in Illinois, protecting the child from other gorillas and even calling for human help. And when a car hit and injured a dog on a busy Chilean freeway several years ago, its canine compatriot dodged traffic, risking its life to drag the unconscious dog to safety" -LiveScience.com
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    If you wanna know about them in more detail I would A) download some off openev (http://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/) and read several, so you can learn exactly what they aim to criticise. I would watch some lectures about Ks on YouTube, here are 2 I found with a quick search (I have not watched them but they are from good camps so they should be informative): - -
  14. Hey so I got ahold of this K of nuclear impacts with cards mostly by Ira Chernus, some professor in Colorado. The alt is called "Imagine the real" and I'll attach the cards below.. can someone help explain them? I'm a bit confused about what "rejecting simulation but conceptualizing its occurrence" means. Thanks in advance! Chernus Alt.docx
  15. lmfao what is the internet anymore
  16. your first year and you made it to the toc? damn bro
  17. Deleted (sorry for posting)
  18. On financial aid- I applied this year with the early special whatever and it took 750$ off. My parents were hoping for more so we emailed them. With all our other inquiries, they answered within 6 hours but it's been three weeks and they have yet to get back to us about more aid. In other words, good luck getting more than 750$ off. Edit: also, I hear it's more k heavy than sdi but idk about gonzaga
  19. No offense but this is pretty shitty. Thank god it was only 2$, I wouldn't advise anyone to purchase it, it includes an astounding... 1 card. yea, 1 card.
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