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  1. jsourouh

    Request for Kindred Specters

    i gotchu fam christopher-peterson-kindred-specters-death-mourning-and-american-affinity.pdf
  2. jsourouh

    Acronym questions

    why must you plague this website... you got your answer! stop posting!
  3. jsourouh

    K affs?

    could u link it please?
  4. jsourouh

    K affs?

    shots fired
  5. jsourouh


    Most policy affs link to anthro lol.. just make sure there aren't any links which is unlikely. But anyway, just go to https://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/2014/ and search anthro, this was the ocean topic so plenty of anthro ks.. each file should obviously have an assortment of decent impacts. Sorry, I'm currently too lazy to compile a file myself. edit: due to recent events, i assure you that the link is not a rickroll.. sorry to disappoint.
  6. jsourouh

    pdf of Michael J. Shapiro's Violent Cartographies

    anyone still got the book?
  7. accidental down vote, thanks for the article idea
  8. jsourouh

    Reading Bataille Now by Shannon Winnubst pdf?

    lol true *post deleted*
  9. ^^^^^^^ yes please, if someone has it pls upload it or post link...
  10. jsourouh

    Maintaining Skill

    Just brought you back to -69 points. Hope this helped.
  11. jsourouh

    DnG Books

    how did you get an invite?
  12. jsourouh

    Africa Disease Impacts

    Need help with camp assignment.. have been searching for hours, can't find evidence I need for Africa disease leading to some sort of catastrophe.. thx in advance
  13. jsourouh

    What kinds of music do debaters jam to?

    "Cut it" by Ot Genasis, obviously See what I did there
  14. jsourouh

    Beneath Contempt?

    Should the concept of beneath contempt exist or should we consider everything with depth? edit: Basically I'm asking what the issues with dismissing an idea or a concept as "useless" or uninteresting before actually considering it are...