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  1. i gotchu fam christopher-peterson-kindred-specters-death-mourning-and-american-affinity.pdf
  2. why must you plague this website... you got your answer! stop posting!
  3. jsourouh

    K affs?

    could u link it please?
  4. jsourouh


    Most policy affs link to anthro lol.. just make sure there aren't any links which is unlikely. But anyway, just go to https://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/2014/ and search anthro, this was the ocean topic so plenty of anthro ks.. each file should obviously have an assortment of decent impacts. Sorry, I'm currently too lazy to compile a file myself. edit: due to recent events, i assure you that the link is not a rickroll.. sorry to disappoint.
  5. ^^^^^^^ yes please, if someone has it pls upload it or post link...
  6. Just brought you back to -69 points. Hope this helped.
  7. how did you get an invite?
  8. Need help with camp assignment.. have been searching for hours, can't find evidence I need for Africa disease leading to some sort of catastrophe.. thx in advance
  9. "Cut it" by Ot Genasis, obviously See what I did there
  10. Should the concept of beneath contempt exist or should we consider everything with depth? edit: Basically I'm asking what the issues with dismissing an idea or a concept as "useless" or uninteresting before actually considering it are...
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