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  1. Kek, my partner and I cut this as a joke. Keep fighting the good fight.
  2. So my partner and I hit a team who had something called the "Pozo Kritik" on their wiki, all they had on the actually page was this "1NC Pozo The world is a dark and hopeless place - the affirmative’s politics of optimism and affirmation cause us to ignore our own complicity in violence—negation resolves the aff better Pozo 9 (ANTONIO GUTIÉRREZ, Filozofická fakulta, Sevilská univerzita, Sevilla, Španielsko POZO, A. G.: Utopia in Black: The Negative Aesthetics of Adorno and the Contemporary Black Art, FILOZOFIA 64, 2009, No 5, p. 481-6)--mm *We don’t endorse holocaust rhetoric. The Materialistic Aesthetics AND through the works." I found this and http://www.klemens.sav.sk/fiusav/doc/filozofia/2009/5/481-491.pdf and http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/essays/96657760/adorno-revolution-negative-utopia and this http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/essays/12371415/fabricating-future-becoming-blochs-utopians online, but I'm curious about a full shell or at least some alts or other parts to the kritik.
  3. There's a pretty good wide definition here http://www.eolss.net/sample-chapters/c10/E5-15A-17.pdf that gives warrants for why we should interpret surveillance more broadly.
  4. Working on a Kritik of Fun, looking for some more cards anywhere on the topic. I already have Schmidhuber and Graeber.
  5. Have you thought about just running a CP + DA combo instead? Or if you insist on running a K I can say that I have had good success with the Schmidhuber 97 evidence.
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