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    Anthro Kritik

    how would that work? I get banning Zoos, but what would a good anthro case for next year?
  2. Heres a fairly good explanation of his ideas:
  3. A great example of Environmental Authoritarianism working well is Singapore. Very strict laws, and very little pollution. It also is a good response to Authoritarianism leading to human rights abuses and stuff like that, because Singapore is doing fine in that respect. I'm sure you could finds some cards to back this up pretty easily.
  4. They might enjoy it- but that don't mean they will vote on it.
  5. Males

    Anthro impact

    http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/deep-eco/Anthropo.htm Sorry this is uncut, but the terminal impact is extinction.
  6. Males

    Evidence K

    Agreed. But what are yalls thoughts on a K of having really bad evidence. Like were tags aren't supported by the card, and like three words are highlighted? Would a theory argument be legit?
  7. Hey does anyone know if you have to give your opponents the tag lines of your cards? Is it OK to just give them the highlighted card?
  8. Hey does anyone know if you have to give your opponents the tag lines of your cards? Is it OK to just give them the highlighted card?
  9. You should run a theory saying that their the AFF is forcing you to sound racist. Those exist. And don't sound all that racist.
  10. yeah malthus I have found is really disorienting for teams that haven't seen it before. Can be a good DA, just gotta make sure you dont sound like you are saying racisum good. I would run democracy links.
  11. I would also all run the same AFF, so yall can prep it out together.
  12. The trick is to send some people to camp- that way you get some good ev. and if you can make friends with some bigger team, and try to get them to support you
  13. This could help: http://www.pri.org/stories/2013-11-12/heres-backstory-why-us-has-such-close-ties-philippines not a virus I swear
  14. "Malthus has been proven false over the course of the last couple centuries," -justin "he who must not be named" miller
  15. On the AFF I like some sort of topical policy action, but then all K advantages. That way you don't have to worry about framework, but you still get debate of a K level. The only flaw is a bunch that people go crazy with Ks that say state can't solve against you.
  16. Males


    the body of the card would be helpful in figuring out its meaning.
  17. Nietzche is saying that moral absolutism is dead. Baudrillard is saying that there is no way to know that anything is real, and therefore no actoin is meaningfull. This is a really stupid way of running it- but you can also run it as using sences of suffering to win a debate round is messed up. Agamben is saying that the state is always going to circumvent the any legislation in order to destroy enemies of the state (or homo sacra)
  18. Id guess something like 20/80 for women in debate vs men
  19. Probably a orientalism K. Sounds like it's going to be widely applicable on this topic.
  20. Personally, I have never know Agamben to loose with a lay judge. I would however suggest running cap as well (agamben and cap just go so well together), and if you have time there is nothing like Schmitt for a lay round.
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