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  1. Watch out for this Dysonian Seti Aff
  2. Will trade memes, have lots of dank memes.
  3. I cleared with NativeWarlock, but I didn't get mentioned
  4. Can confirm Jason Russell is dank
  5. I don't think UTNIF 6 week is any better than the UTNIF 3 week camp, it seamed like better people went into the 6 week camp, but they didn't improve a hole lot. The people who actually improved the most did both of the 3 week UTNIF camps back to back, its cheaper, and it might be a better debate experience.
  6. Oh shit Alex, They found your secret, quick call the admin to delete this thread before this shit gets out.
  7. I said "Hey, you didn't flash the tags, can we get those." and he said "oh you need those, I don't flash those, How about you just listen to my speech instead."
  8. I just hit a team that didn't flash their tags in the 2AC, is this even allowed? On top of this should we have called abuse or should we have just stopped flashing tags after that round?
  9. Dankestshrek


    ur Donion rings kid
  10. Dankestshrek

    Shrek K

    This was made by NativeWarlock and Me, Enjoy, use carefully also the link is for the oceans topic, so you might want to change the link
  11. Keagans real name is Keagan, get exposed kid
  12. I can confirm, I posted both the Shrek porn, and the Shrek K. Expose me not Native Warlock
  13. I'm actually in your dorm right now native warlock
  14. 2500/1500 is gr8, Sorry I just got sick as shit. 1nc up as soon as I stop dying. Probably before the weekend.
  15. Well CODI, is super cheap, but its only 6 days long. It would be enough to help you out, and be just cheep enough that your parents might not see the harm in going.
  16. Thanks for judgingFare assessment of the round 10/10 would bang
  17. 2AR Advantage "White" CP Blood Da Voters, n stuff 1,279 including non highlighted 2AR vs Shrek.docx
  18. No Cx, White CP Blood Quantum Da K Solvency Advantage 1469 words 1Ar Vs ShrekIsNotDrek.docx
  19. Just a heads up, I am super dyslexic, lots of the analytics will be slept wrong, spend a long time getting it to where its at, if spelling is your trigger, this is your warning. 2Ac, same order as the 1NC, Doc Map, is messed up. 2ac Vs Shrek.docx
  20. 1. How does the ALT on the K solve? 2. Can you explain the link on the K, in your own words? 3. What is the "Event" or a "Particular event"? 4. Can you elaborate on your solvency arguments?
  21. if the religious organisation is wanting to use the USFG's tech to do surveillance on its own members then it wouldn't be a problem, because it would be dealing with the organisation its self doing the surveillance, and not the Usfg, the plan is restricting the Usfg's use of surveillance, and how it determinants who to survival, and who not to survival. So if the Usfg when out of its way to get in cahoots with a organisation to spy on its members then it would be on the basis of Race, Religion, or Ethnicity that would be ruled unconstitutional. So the organisation its self could use the Usfg for teck help, but it couldn't then give the information to the Usfg. The first card of the 1ac, talks about how individuals could report suspicious activity, but they don't because of the chilling effect caused by FBI informants. me saying that the organisation can use surveillance, doesn't make that advantage go away, because the organisation couldn't then turn it over to the FBI. There would be no chilling effect because they would still trust the FBI, because its their community doing the Surveillance, and not the FBI.
  22. 1. Ban surveillance on the based of religion, race, and Ethnisity 2. Both, surveillance of people in churchs, mosks, and other common grounds for religious meeting
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